A Q&A with Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed is a Pipefy Software Engineer working on our Platform team. He works remotely from Egypt. 

What brought you to Pipefy? It was the product itself. I was impressed by Pipefy since I started using it. I also had read about Pipefy’s awesome culture with the #honeybadger attitude and I realized that it fit me well. I enjoy working on products that make people’s lives easier and help them solve their problems.

What were you doing before this? I graduated from Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University in 2016 with a Computer Engineering degree. I was previously working at eSpace, a software company located in Alexandria, Egypt, and the first company to promote open-source software in Egypt. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer intern at BadrIT, a leading Software house that was acquired by Incorta.

Tell me something unique about your country: When people think of Egypt, they think of a desert with no social life. They think there’s no civilization. It’s actually an ordinary place with people who are working on development and innovation, just like other countries are. I live in Alexandria, which is off the shores of the Mediterranean. Alexandria was founded in 331 B.C. to immortalize Alexander the Great.

What’s your favorite Egyptian cuisine? Traditional breakfast usually consists of “Ful,” which is basically beans cooked with oil and spices, and “Falafel,” which is basically beans crushed into fried balls. These are found in most Egyptians’ breakfast, inside their eggs, cheese and pita bread. For dinner, we have “Mahshi,” which is vegetables of choice stuffed with a rice filling, such as zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, or my favorite, grapevine leaves.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I would fly so I can travel all around the world, solving people’s problems instantly.

What’s your favorite childhood movie? “Home Alone.” I could watch it hundreds of times.

Name something on your bucket list: To travel the world.

What do you hope to accomplish at Pipefy in the next year? To have people so excited about the features Pipefy is developing that they let us know.

Written by
Ashley Sava
is Pipefy's Editor and Copywriter. With a background in journalism and content marketing, she uses her wit, writing skills and incurable cheerfulness to leave her readers inspired, hooked and informed. Sava resides in Austin, Texas.