Basic Concepts: How to create a Sales Process?

One of the most important things you can do for your business today, no matter the size of the company or industry you’re in, is set up a strong and sustainable sales process. Even if this sounds rather obvious, it’s still an aspect many businesses end up neglecting.

It may seem at times that a sales process won’t be required since things are already going so well without any specific sales planning, but what about in the leaner times, when resources aren’t so abundant?

Why have a Sales Process?

Considering not only these points, but all other possible situations you may see yourself as a business in the near future that you need to give serious consideration into creating a sales process and, consequently, a sales pipeline.

There are various ways in which you might want to proceed with your planning and you you’re free to go with the alternative that seems to suit your possibilities better but we strongly recommend that you make sure all of the following points are addressed within your sales process:

Creating a Sales Process:

  1. Leads: Everything start with your leads, so it’s very important to begin by ensuring you have a legitimate stream of leads coming in from online marketing, advertising etc.
  2. Qualify: Make sure that every lead that comes to you is genuinely qualified to be of “use” to you – are they going to make a purchase, sign up, subscribe etc.? Creating advertising plans around demographics that tick these boxes is going to be vital
  3. Track: Track your visitor’s activities, what they are doing – what pages are the most visited? How far did they get down your sales funnel before leaving?
  4. Remove blockages: Ensure that customers can easily find out things like product information or pricing, or to get in touch with you to ask for further information/pricing – this is a big part of the sales process as the price of anything is obviously a big determining factor in whether or not they will accept the offer
  5. Make things easy: Once they decided to potentially proceed forward with a sale or an enquiry, you need to make it easy for them to agree with your terms and what you offer. Whether this is clear and concise web content to sell the product/service or a face-to-face meeting to do that personally, your sales process should get them to a stage where they will freely consider you as a possibility
  6. Ordering: Now there has to be an easy way for them to place an order or to hire your services – and this will typically be done through online payment processing. This is a vital part of the sales process, though, as it will be the deciding factor in whether or not they will require your offerings
  7. Delivery: Always have a delivery plan and system in place, too that can be clearly explained to the user. Delivery – whether it’s an electronic product or a physical one – has to be arranged ASAP so make sure this is a part of your sales process, and that it is all prepared for long in advance
  8. Support: The sales process does not end here, though – now, you need to have solid support teams ready to assist if needed

As you can see, trying to set up a sales process means a lot to think about. You must bear in mind, however, the range of benefits that come along with having a well developed sales process to follow, as it will dramatically improve your business results over time.

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