What is CRM Software?

In today’s competitive market, there’s one thing every business serious about succeeding must understand:

The customer always comes first.

Each and every aspect of your business must be focused on meeting your customer’s needs, from the layout of your website to the tone of voice of your customer support reps.

Managing the relationship you have with your customers isn’t always easy, though. However, there are many tools that can help make that simple, such as CRM software.

CRM is short for customer relationship management. It’s all about bridging that gap between being just another option for your potential customer and being the go-to location for whatever it is you can provide your intended audience with.

Why use a CRM Software?

Unlike any other performer enhancing tools, CRM is not optional any more. Choosing and exploring the full potential of a CRM software is essential for gathering the necessary knowledge about your customers and reaching out to them.

CRM allows you to study many aspects of your customers so you can simultaneously manage your relationship with the customers you already have and find better ways to market yourself.

Nowadays, showing customers you run a trusted and transparent business is no longer enough to ensure your success. You need to go a little further to customize your effort to each of your audiences (if you have more than one) by showing them you offer the solution to their specific problems.

As mentioned above, CRM software is no longer an option for serious businesses determined to make it in a thriving market. These apps help you understand your customers and maximize your potential of reaching out and communicating with them.

The features offered by CRM software can vary a lot but their purpose is almost always the same: helping businesses manage their customer databases in the best way they can to put these very useful info to work.

Most of these software also offer features focused on improving the way you interact with your customers as well as sales, marketing and customer support automation options.

To sum things up, if you care about your customers needs and you want to make that clear, it’s about time you’ve evaluated and chosen the best CRM software for your company.

CRM software today

As it happens with most software, since the first CRM software options have been launched, these apps have evolved a lot to become stronger, more embracing features.

Thanks to the many technological advances achieved through years of use and experience, CRM softwares have become about much more than literally managing your relationship with your customers.

Currently, CRM software had become so incredibly advanced that it has grown to encompass almost every aspect of businesses. It offers all the information your business needs to evolve gradually according to what your customers needs or even respond faster to any sudden market changes.

These are a few of the many benefits you can expect from a full purpose CRM software package:

  • High-end analytics: Information is power! Having high quality information about all aspects of your business and your sales pipeline is essential to better managing it;
  • Easier ways to find business opportunities: Using the information mentioned above together with a technology called predictive analytics, CRM software can help you scout your market in order to determine your desired target and, therefore, determine long-term goals more realistically
  • Tools to streamline and manage the system: CRM is all about knowing your customer. CRM software help analyze your customer information by keeping it all in a single place. Through these analysis you can improve everything about what you offer, from your product to customer service and consequently influence the way customers perceive your company.

Why do you need CRM software?

Many companies, especially those from more ‘traditional’ fields, are not always on board when it comes to adopting new technology, such as CRM software. Their skepticism is natural. Even though CRM software has been around for a while, people are not completely convinced about this data-driven approach to managing customer relationships.

They’re even more skeptical about automating the interactions that make this relationship. Being thorough pays out, though, that’s why the many CRM software options on the market are offering more modern ways to communicating with customers.

The actual CRM software market offers many different options, each of them with its own approach and features. This is not a market where there’s a ‘dominant’ option that makes choice easier.

We live in the era of information in which the physical location of a company is no longer a barrier to its outreach.

In a market that has so many variables and different ways for people to get in touch with your business, it pays to be clinical in your choices.

It’s not like the “old days” where a specific player in a determined business would be dealing with just a limited selection of locals who knew all about the business; today, with the ease provided by internet, people can reach you from all over the world and their knowledge of what you provide and what you can offer them will be extremely varied.

Therefore, the reasons for adopting a CRM software and exploring all it has to offer are more obvious than ever, as it provides you with the ability to:

  • Store client data: Having your client information, such as contact and purchase history, preferences, etc. ensures a much higher level of personalisation of your service – people like to feel special. Having their info in storage as well, it’s possible to display specific ads according to their profile when they’re on your website, send them communications specific to their profile, amongst many other advantages of knowing your customer.
  • Improve customer sales ratios: As said above, it’s all about making people feel like they’re actually valued to you. Offering personalised deals, specially crafted communications to make interactions seem more human and less automatic are all simple ways that the use of CRM software can help improve your sales pipeline’s success rate just by having accurate information and using it appropriately.
  • Create trust and authenticity about your business: Having a comprehensive and well interpreted customer database is the way to really start making a big difference to the clinical nature of your support team. When you can give people a faster and more thorough support experience they are likely to return in the future
  • Improve your reputation with other customers, too: By implementing CRM software and actively using the resources available, naturally over the course of time your customers will see that you’re growing and changing. Perspective is very important here as it allows your business to grow organically and within your means whilst still impressing your customers with consistency.

Managing and preparing CRM software for your business is obviously a big step at first but within a short period of time you should be used to what has to be done to get it right. You’ll have to manage a wide variety of things along the way when you start to scale the software to your business’s needs but, once you get the system down, it certainly will save you plenty of time as well.

CRM software is built to help businesses of all sizes expand and make themselves more efficient in the eyes of their customers and their revenues, and it tends to be really user-friendly once you get to grips with how it all works and how all aspects are intrinsically connected.

Take the time you need to research amongst the available options which CRM software better fits your business’s purposes and your budget. After doing so, it’s certain you’ll start to see improvements in no time.

Written by Isabelle Salemme, Product content manager at Pipefy. She uses her extensive Pipefy knowledge to write informative pieces teaching users to make the best of Pipefy. Besides being responsible for all product-related content, she's an avid reader, a coffee lover and a professional photographer.