7 useful tools for online marketers

The Internet is an awesome (and almost endless) source of useful resources if you’re looking to boost your business marketing strategies or even your own productivity at work.

Sorting through this ocean of possibilities searching for useful tools for online marketers can be quite an adventure. It takes a little patience and research, however, to filter and identify which of the available tools are indeed appropriate to your needs.

It is very (and I stress, very) easy to get overly excited with the amount of stuff available online so research, dig in, read about the features of every tool and only then choose the ones you can really rely on.

Now that you’ve already googled it and got overly excited, let’s get back to it. Here’s a short list of tools I consider generically good from an online marketer’s perspective.

Useful tools for online marketers


For all of you crazy list people out there – I get you, I totally do. I absolutely need lists to organize my daily routine and keep focused (and basically to keep me from going crazy)

Evernote allows you to not only make lists, but also make notes and include images, voicemails, links. It’s a world of possibilities and it can be easily synced between all your devices.

Really, it’s magical, go for it without thinking twice, it’s way more effective than writing lists on notebooks or post-its and binders.


Looking for a tool to manage multiple social media networks for multiple clients in a single, simple dashboard? HootSuite is what you’re looking for.

Its streams view allows you to visualize all of your posts on all of your networks in a simple visual format, making it extra easy to keep track of what you posted, when and where.

You also have the scheduler feature that allows you to pre-schedule posts for a specific date and time and preview what they’ll look like.

If all that wasn’t enough, HootSuite allows you to track your campaign’s analytics, a very handy feature for those out there making regular social media reports.


Everyone loves infographics. Piktochart is one of those (almost) magical apps that allow you to create awesome looking, design-worthy infographics without that much effort.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a pretty good looking infographic. Piktochart is very user-friendly and self-explanatory, and all of your graphics are kept stored in your account. This comes in handy for those customers that require one, two or 2365 changes before they’re satisfied.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – of course, everyone knows about Google. But do you really know how to use it?

Do you know how to search efficiently in order to optimize the results?

Google is a very powerful tool, even for those searching randomly.

Knowing how to use it with all it can offer, however, can show you information you could possibly never knew exist. Google’s employees have their own blog of search challenges, it’s a very good place to improve your search techniques.

Google Analytics

Being an online marketer you’re probably already acquainted with Analytics. However, it’s never enough to say how important it is to track the results of your (or your client’s) website traffic and its origins.

The graph views are pretty simple to comprehend, even for those less experienced, and they allow for a better planning based on past actions (which actions caused traffic to increase, which didn’t, etc.).

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an awesome tool to track online mentions of your brand’s name. Largely underestimated, as said for Google’s search engines, if you can take the best out of Alerts, you can easily track who’s talking about you and who’s talking about your competition online.

It’s all about knowing how to use this simple and useful tool.

Google Trends

Another very useful tool, courtesy of Google.

If you’re ever wondering what’s trending in Southern California right now, or how popular a certain keyword is, Trends is the tool you need to use.

You can narrow your search by region to know what is popular in certain places of the planet on certain times of the year, for example.

I purposely let Pipefy out of this list because it’d be very, very partial on my side to put it here on the first place.
However, its rightful place would be right on top of this list.

Firstly because of the marketing specific templates, that simplify organizing all marketing tasks. Also because it’s so easily to integrate with so many apps, such as Evernote, Facebook pages and many others, making life a lot easier.

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