Customer Onboarding – How to increase your revenue in a cheaper way

The Customer Onboarding Process is undoubtedly known as a key process within any modern company, especially the ones with recurring revenue. Attracting and selling to a new customer is 5 to 25 times—depending on your industry—more expensive than retaining and expanding accounts of your existing customers. But, on average, only 18% of companies have a greater focus on Customers Retention, while 44% focus on Customers Acquisition.

The Onboarding process will impact, either positively or negatively, the entire customer experience journey of your company and will directly affect the metrics we mentioned above. It’s easy to see that this is a crucial process, but do you really know what Client Onboarding really means? Do you understand the benefits and how to manage it? Let’s review!!

What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer Onboarding is the first step of the Customer Success—or Customer Service—funnel. Your new clients that reach this phase usually are familiar with your product or service, and probably have talked to one or more representatives from your sales team. In short, they believe your business will help them.

The key point at this stage is to understand what kind of value each new customer expects from your business. The biggest goal is to figure out their desired outcome,  and together, build a pathway to achieve it.

The first step of Customer Success—not only the department but the success of your client—is to make your new customer achieves the results they expect within the first day—the exact number depends on the industry, but we usually use 90 days in the SaaS world. This phase is called Adoption and it is a crucial period to retain and expand accounts. And be careful, Open View says that even though most companies know the significance of the Adoption stage, more than half of them don’t have a structured strategy for it.

Here at Pipefy, we have a team focused on Adoption and their goal is to successfully implement our product to the new customers in the first 90 days— we follow this portrayed flow. The first step is always to map the value stream of each client—as Lean methodology indicates—and build all the customer’s journeys within our platform.

So it’s possible to say that the Onboarding process is the bridge between what the customers expect and what your company will offer. This is the key to Retain and Expand future accounts, as this simple marketing funnel explains:

Benefits of an Effective Customer Onboarding Process

    • A successfully onboarded client is much more likely to be healthy, controlling the churn rate and having future expansions;
    • Shorten the Time to Value: It’s very important to save time for recurring revenue companies as they need to engage and prove their values each month;
  • Control the avoidable churn: that usually occurs with clients who fit your business model, but don’t understand the value of your product or service;

How to Implement a Customer Onboarding Process

You can control your Onboarding process in many ways, but it’s important to standardize your execution. Using a Customer Onboarding tool is the best option to have a structured and effective process. And that’s exactly what Pipefy does.

Pipefy is the Lean Management platform, focused on increasing process efficiency and avoiding wastes of the operation. Pipefy allows you to:

    • Standardize your implementation flow to maintain the process quality;
    • Centralize all processes in a single platform and integrate with other departments;
  • Measure your process efficiency and identify your bottlenecks.

This way, you’ll be able to confirm that every new client is passing through the same steps, measure your process efficiency and probably reduce the customer churn rate. In Pipefy, we have a template of this process. It’s time to adapt our template to your needs and implement the process as soon as possible!

Use our Customer Onboarding process flow right now and start improving your process!

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