Why Staying Socially Active Matters for Your Business


Social media is connecting people from all walks of life, making it the single most powerful socializing, marketing, and campaign channel ever. Statistics show that more than half of the entire world population interacts through different online platforms every day, 95% of them being active social media users. No serious business advertiser, therefore, can underestimate the importance of staying socially active. To help you understand this topic better, we have provided you with 7 convincing facts about how leveraging the power of social media can help your business boom. Be our guest.

1. Social media reviews can generate an unimaginably high number of new leads

The modern customer relies heavily on social media reviews when making purchasing decisions. Once a prospective customer identifies a need for products or services within your niche, the greatest possibility is that he/she will head to Google to find out more about them. That is quickly followed by a visit to Facebook or Twitter where the customer inquiries from other users about the best seller or manufacturer to buy from. If you don’t have a social media presence, users will have no idea that your business exists and, therefore, there is no chance that that particular customer will buy from you.

2. It is good for your SEO ranking

Social media presence doesn’t feature anywhere in Google’s ranking algorithms, yes, but your presence therein brings a lot of traffic to your website. That’s an indirect way of telling Google that your website has the content that its searchers need and will, therefore, make your content visible to more people.

SavvySME says that “Chances are, a majority of your potential clients are browsing social media heavily every day. Although social media sounds easy and fun, the key is to plan out the content on your social channels and have a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) which directs people to your website.”

The bottom line: online traffic originating from social media draws the attention of Google which prompts the search engine to rank your website higher, and that attracts even more online traffic. Even from people who didn’t know of your social media presence before.

3. It helps you to build your brand through positive criticism

By establishing a friendly relationship with social media users, you invite them to critique your brand in a positive way. Real customers give you real reviews without any fear, malice, or favor. And because the entire world is represented online, you get firsthand reviews from all corners of the globe. You may not even need to conduct customer surveys when social media is sorting you out, free of charge.

4. Countering negative, malicious reviews

Unfortunately, some business competitors like to play dirty. Someone might just decide to sponsor a “disgruntled client” to lament about your services or products online, for the simple reason of ruining your brand. Who would counter such malicious allegations if you aren’t there to clear the air? Being on social media gives you the chance to defeat propaganda with facts, transparency, and humility.

5. It gives you free media coverage

Facebook and Instagram are leading the social media pack with their “live” feature. You can stream events live on either of the two platforms and let the world know how your brand is doing behind the scenes. For example, your company could be sponsoring a philanthropic event somewhere and your hope is that people will see that kind gesture and probably repay you by becoming your customers. Traditionally, you had to pay a mainstream media company for coverage but thanks to social media, you can do this fast and free.

6. Creating brand awareness

Regardless of how popular your brand is, there is someone somewhere who hasn’t heard about it yet. Even your loyal customers do not know your brand story in its entirety. That’s without mentioning that you rebrand and introduce new features to your business every now and again. Using Twitter and Facebook, you can educate your followers on what they deserve to know about your brand as well as notify them every time you rebrand.

7. You are dealing with socially active competitors

As a rule of thumb, you must take the fight to your business competitors if you are to ascend to or remain at the top. Research shows that over 90% of all retailers across the world manage at least two of the leading social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Your direct competitor is leveraging the power of social media and so should you.

For your business to fully benefit from its social media presence, it is important that you always post highly engaging content for your followers. If you don’t have the expertise to write such content, the best thing to do is to outsource to Europe. According to Outsource2EU, there are companies in Europe who offer content writing and social media services diligently and affordably.

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