What makes collaborative idea management so important?

Many modern companies have found a way to make the best out of their employees’ and customers’ ideas. More often than not, the best innovation ideas come from people that have a different point of view.

These people have an unbiased view of what your business is (and what they think it could or should be) and that’s what makes them especially important in internal innovation processes.

The process of capturing, analyzing and providing feedback on these ideas is what modern administrators call collaborative idea management.

Idea management is all about exploring and making the best out of the potential of each and every player in your company’s scenario. Do you remember hearing the term “wisdom of the crowd“? That’s exactly what collaborative idea management is about.

Today’s business scenario is constantly evolving and in order to keep up the pace, companies are always looking for new ideas to explore.

The pressure is ever present and customers demands are always changing so where can they look for innovative ideas when their internal team seems to have run out of ideas?

In a scenario where constant innovation is more important than ever, collaborative idea management comes as a much needed path for companies to surface new ideas, analyze and improve them to make sure they reach the right people.

Taking your employees’ ideas into consideration is also a great way to stimulate a creative environment in which innovative people are empowered and recognized.

What does collaborative idea management mean?

Structuring a collaborative idea management process means standardizing the way you collect, analyze, select and pass ideas on to the responsible departments within your company.

That becomes a lot easier if you have a system/app that supports it. For example, if Pipefy is your tool of choice you can make the collaborative idea management template’s public form available to both your company’s employees as well as any external players you may wish to involve.

They can use this form to submit ideas with the click of a button, helping you gather all possible suggestions in a single platform where you can easily evaluate and prioritize them.

Properly managing submitted ideas can make a big difference. This doesn’t depend on the type or size of the idea. Even though disruptive innovation ideas may seem like they matter more, a simple idea for an incremental improvement to a production process can have a huge impact down the road.

Your collaborative idea management’s scope can vary depending on the amount of ideas you’re prepared to handle. You can start small, limiting it to one department or two, then expand on to the whole company and even include external players such as your customers.

Innovation is no longer a thing of the future. It’s here, it’s now and the future of your company depends on it. Learn how you can make the most out of everyone’s ideas to continuously improve your business and always stay ahead of the competition.

Pipefy’s collaborative idea management template is a step-by-step process specially developed for companies that wish to implement an innovative culture among their staff, empowering each and every one of them with the possibility to submit new ideas for all company areas.

This template will help screen all submitted ideas, assess them and decide whether they’re adequate for implementation, using email automation to communicate with the person that submitted the idea in the first place.

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