Growth Hacking Influencers you should follow!

Growth Hacking is a huge tendency on today’s market, I’m sure you’re well aware of that. Considering how fresh and dynamic growth hacking is, it’d be a great idea follow some of the market’s top growth hacking influencers so you can learn more with the content they share every day.

In order to make it easier for you to know who you should follow, we’ve asked for our in-house Growth Hacker’s input to put together a list of highly influential growth hackers you shouldn’t go without.

Growth Hacking Influencers

Sean Ellis

growth hacking influencers sean ellis

According to the information available on Sean’s profiles on Growth Hackers and his twitter account, Sean is CEO/Founder of Growth Hackers having previously worked at well known companies such as Dropbox, Eventbrite, Lookout, etc.

Famous worldwide for having coined the term “growth hacker” back in 2010, Sean founded Growth Hackers in 2013 along with Everette Taylor and a team of professionals.

You can keep track of Sean’s latest updates on his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and his articles at Growth Hackers are mandatory for anyone looking to be a better Growth Hacker.

Ryan Holiday

growth hacking influencers ryan holiday

Ryan Holiday is an author, marketer and entrepreneur. He’s also a media strategist famous for his content on strategy and business.

Ryan was an apprentice under Robert Greene, known for his work on The 48 Laws of Power, after going on to American Apparel where he created campaigns that have been used as case studies by many renowned companies such as Twitter, YouTube and Google. He’s also been a media columnist at the New York Observer.

Ryan’s first book “Trust me I’m lying” became a best-seller right after its launch and has been taught in colleges from all around the world. According to the information on his website, Holiday currently lives in Austin – TX with his rebelious puppy Hanno and pet goats (really, pet goats! How cool is that?).


You can follow Ryan’s content on his website (which he righteously claims not to use as a conventional blogging channel) and twitter account.

Marcos Moralez

growth hacking influencers marcos moralez

According to the information on Marcos’ LinkedIn profile, he’s a product designer (UX, UI and ID) with over 16 years of experience with all design aspects. He’s also a startup design advisor and mentor.

He’s worked closely with founders, CEOs, product managers and design teams of both startups and huge corporations with the goal of executing product design strategies aligned with the company’s business goals.

Working at CBSSports, Marcos lead the entire redesign of the company’s identity. He also designed the March Madness on Demand application for the NCAA, the first app to stream broadcast live video which gave him an Emmy Award.

You can check Marcos’ portfolio on his Carbonmade account and follow his content on as well as on his Twitter and Linked’In profiles.

Bronson Taylor

growth hacking influencers bronson taylor

Bronson Taylor is co-founder of, where he’ve recorder of 100 episodes and created over 50 original growth hacking recipes used by known names such as 500 Startups, Y Combinator and many other startups from all around the globe.

Along with Neil Patel, Bronson has written the first book on the topic of growth hacking (The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking). The book has been downloaded over 440 thousand times and I’m pretty sure it’s been many people’s first contact with growth hacking – at least for me it was.

Taylor is also co-founder and CEO at Growth Geeksthe easiest way to hire super talented freelance digital marketers that can grow your revenues”.

You can follow Taylor’s content on’s channel on youtube.

Gustaf Alströmer

growth hacking influencers gustaf alstromer

Gustav Alströmer is a Product Lead and Growth Specialist at Airbnb. He’s one of the people responsible for building the world’s largest community of travelers.

You can get in touch with Gustaf’s content on his twitter profile and his answers on Quora.

Casey Armstrong

growth hacking influencers casey armstrong

According to the the information on his website, Full Stack Marketer, Casey Armstrong is “an experienced startup executive and full-stack marketer who focuses customer acquisition and revenue growth”.

Casey has helped drive growth at several top technology startups such as Mavenlink where he helped grow the company from 5 to 500 thousand customers, taking them from a $0 MRR to over six figures.

Casey has also worked helping Pantheon double their user base and triple their MRR and Pivotal Tracker double their organic traffic rates and acquisition of thousands of new users.

You can follow Casey on his website, LinkedIn, Twitter and slideshare.

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