What is Internal Recruitment?

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We already discussed what the Recruitment Process is. Now it’s time to talk about Internal Recruitment. The term ‘Internal Recruitment’ refers to the process of identifying and attracting candidates to another position within the same organization.

Instead of opening the position to the public and attracting random candidates, the human resources department of some companies may choose to advertise the vacancy internally and only allow members of the staff to apply.

Internal recruitment also refers to a strategy mostly big corporations use to advertise their jobs internally. Due to the size of these companies, these job openings would otherwise go unnoticed by employees in other departments.

A while ago I worked at a large multi-national company that had a very effective internal recruitment process. Due to the fact that they had thousands of employees working at hundreds of departments all over the world, they had a board where job openings were posted internally and candidates could apply with their own company IDs.

Companies like the one I worked at can choose to allow existing staff members to apply and then, if they’re not able to find a good match within their ranks, open the job offer to the general public.

Internal Recruitment Benefits

  • Culture Alignment: recruiting internally has some benefits, such as not having to worry about the candidate being a good fit for the company’s culture. If the candidate is aleady part of the organization, probably they’re already aligned to the culture and values your company has.
  • Career Growth: internal recruitment can be the best way to climb the career ladder and get hired to a higher position and, consequently, get a raise. It can motivate employees to show good results and have an exemplary behavior to have the chance to grow up within the company. 
  • Cheaper and Faster: Internal recruitment is also normally cheaper than recruiting externally since it eliminates a few steps of the process. The handoff between teams and the ramping up period of the employee will probably be shorter than hiring an external employee.
  • Low Risk: it’s easier to hire suitable candidates from within your company. If they were already hired once, it’s very likely they already went through all the testing and vetting external candidates must go through.

Internal Recruitment vs External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment Advantages:

  • Cheaper, once it’s not necessary to advertise and dedicates less time of the human resources team.
  • Faster, since it eliminates a few steps of the process.
  • Reduces employee turnover.
  • Saves time and money during the handoff and training process.
  • Increases employee motivation when creating career growth opportunities.

External Recruitment Advantages:

  • External employees usually bring new ideas for current processes and solutions for problems.
  • Specific skills. Sometimes the vacancy requires technical and specific skills that internal employees don’t have. 
  • Larger amount of applicants. With more people involved, the probability to find good employees is higher. 
  • Wider range of experience. Bringing an outside employee can improve the experience of teams and prepare your company for new challenges in the future. 


Golden tip: Build a Recruitment Process that makes sense for your company

Recruiting is never an easy job. We all know that. But it’s a crucial process. Employees are the ones who help a company grow, as we already explained here. So it’s worth to invest time and resources to create a recruitment process that suits all your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s internally or externally.  

And you can count on Pipefy to help you with that. We have a pre-built Recruitment Template that you can start using now and customize it to your needs. 

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