International Women’s Day 2019: A Q&A with Lauren Hobalt

IWD 2019 Lauren Hobalt

IWD 2019 Lauren Hobalt

How long have you been a honey badger? One year and a half.

Which location do you work in? Curitiba

What is your role in the company? I’m an Alliances Executive for the Partners Team.

How did you hear about Pipefy? I knew people who worked here that spoke very highly of Pipefy and the honey badger mentality. I heard about how they made goals and conquered, so I was interested in becoming part of that kind of atmosphere.

What kind of changes do you hope to see for women in your lifetime? As far as the workforce goes, there are so many things still need to change. Having women in more leadership roles is a big one. It’s essential for us to see that happening so younger women can see that it is possible. Since we are young, children are taught that girls are better at certain things and boys better at other things. We really need to break that entire mentality. There should no longer be dated gender boundaries.

Who is your biggest inspiration as a woman? I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by so many strong and amazing women, standing up for themselves and doing whatever it takes to reach their goals. They set a great example for me and many other young women around them by demonstrating being fierce and girl power.

My older sister has had a lot of impact on my life. I grew up with her always incentivizing that I could do anything. She is a role model as she is in a leadership position at Hering, a very successful Brazilian company. I was lucky to have grown up with her hearing her feminist ideals and now seeing her as an inspiring professional.

What kind of values do you think women specifically contribute to the workforce? Women are usually more detail-oriented. It is important to have someone around who really pays attention to the details. I also believe women are more careful than men.

Do you have any plans to celebrate International Women’s Day? I want to emphasize the message that women really can do anything they want. Every person has the ability to do whatever it is that interest them if they try.

What advice would you give to a young woman starting her career? There are always going to be stupid people out there that say things to deter you. Keep fighting. No matter what anyone says, study hard, work hard and prove everyone who doubts you wrong.

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Ashley Sava
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