International Women’s Day 2019: A Q&A with Marina Agranionih

Marina Agranionih IWD 2019

Marina Agranionih IWD 2019

How long have you been a honey badger? I joined in the early stages about three years ago.

Which location do you work in? Curitiba

What is your role in the company? I’m in the People department and I’m responsible for the Culture team. I like that all of my days are different. It’s a good feeling to get to impact a person’s day or routine.

How did you hear about Pipefy? I heard good things about Pipefy and found out that I could work with marketing, which was something I was interested in.

What kind of changes do you hope to see for women in your lifetime? I did an exchange in Mexico. The idea was to show these kids a different reality that what they were living. At 12-15 these young girls were married and pregnant—no one was concerned for their futures. I hope these girls get the opportunities they desperately need so these cycles don’t continue repeating. They need to hear that there are other ways to live and that they can go to school and get an education and become someone.

I’m really happy with the movements that are being made toward women empowerment. It’s one thing to complain about things that are bothering you as a woman, but it’s another to actively do something about it.

Who is your biggest inspiration as a woman? My mom. In my lifetime, we faced a difficult financial situation and she always worked so hard, determined that she could continue to provide for us while still keeping up her studies for her doctorate degree.

What kind of values do you think women specifically contribute to the workforce? We have more of a ‘mom view’ of people and things. We are very perceptive about other’s feelings and tend to be more understanding.

Do you have any plans to celebrate International Women’s Day? In my community, there are some older people who continue to preach ‘women in the kitchen.’ We have so much more we can accomplish as women. We can provide for ourselves. I want to have a conversation with these people about that. When these things continue to be taught, it can seriously push back progress.

Really, everything boils down to respecting others. If everyone respected each other, these kinds of problems wouldn’t be taking place at all.

What advice would you give to a young woman starting her career? Be completely confident in your abilities. Express yourself. You need to show why you were hired.

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