How to be a better planner using kanban

Have you ever heard of kanban? If not, you could be missing out. This is mainly because kanban is a common framework that can be used (not only, but also) in the implementation of agile.

In fact, many businesses today have been using kanban to help improve the efficiency of their overall manufacturing or workflow process. Want to know what kanban can do for you? Here is a brief look at how you can be a better planner using kanban.

Become a better planner using Kanban!

Be flexible!

Using kanban allows you to be totally flexible – this methodology is known for allowing manufacturers to have complete control and the ability to adjust the backlog without ever disrupting the team. This means that the flow of things can remain constant despite the size of the workload.

Be fast!

Kanban also minimizes the cycle time, which is the amount of time it takes for a unit to travel through your team’s entire workflow. This is also a convenience that lets your team predict the delivery of future work in order to speed up your turnaround.

Keep things in plain sight!

One of the things that so many manufacturers and business owners love about using kanban is that it is always improving and it provides visuals for the entire team. The two most common reports that are typically used by kanban teams are control charts and cumulative flow diagrams, both offering data that can help you be a better planner.

If you and your team are just getting started with agile, it is recommended you initially choose only one method. While both scrum and kanban are able to do the job, you should consider which one would work best for you. Some more advanced teams even combine the two methods to form what is known as “scrumban”, but this is something you should think about only if you are experienced with both technologies. Although similar, they do have their differences.

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