Using Kanban in Software Development and IT

There are plenty of businesses and team settings where Kanban can be used, but software development and IT may be where this principle shines the brightest. Kanban is a principle that was developed to help team members visualize their work, eliminate bottlenecking in the workflow, and to drastically improve efficiency and quality.

Kanban in Software Development (and IT)

Using Kanban in software development and IT has the main advantages of helping improve and manage the delivery of service in an evolutionary and continuously improving manner.

There are three main guidelines in Kanban; starting with what you have now, which is your current process, then agreeing to make a change and evolve your approach, and finally respecting the current responsibilities of your team.

In Kanban, management policies are explicit and the visual representations allow for greater understanding of the process in a shorter amount of time. Often visual models and scientific methods are included which also improve collaboration.

Kanban in software development, as in any other areas of work, works on one specific process at a time, which is the process on the top of the work log. This allows for flexibility to other processes while ensuring the current process is being worked on by all team members skyrocketing productivity and also limiting work in process.

In terms of software and IT, Kanban allows the team to deliver services and software more quickly and more smoothly optimizing the workflow and throughput levels. Kanban often leads to the discovery and implementation of new processes that focus on organization and collaboration in a gradual manner.

This is very different from other methods like Scrum since it does not bring about disruptive changes in the process and evolves instead, gradually and continuously improves. Teams who currently use time restriction based programs can greatly benefit from the creative freedoms of Kanban with its continuous delivery method which encourages feedback from the client to get the work perfectly worked out between the worker and the client.

Introducing your business to Kanban – and using kanban in software development – can be one of the easiest approaches as it is becoming increasingly popular in most work settings, including the software and IT industries.

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