Maximize your time and resources using kanban tools!

Kanban, which is a work scheduling system developed by Toyota in the 1940’s, boasts many tools, but perhaps some of the greatest are the kanban tools focused on maximizing your company’s time and resources. The Kanban principle focuses on reducing idle time within the workflow thereby maximizing productivity.

Why are Kanban Tools good for your business?

Kanban tools, such as tracking and productivity data can greatly help identify problem areas which need improvement. Once the problems are pinpointed, the team can work together to actively solve them and implement positive change. These problems could include something like too much strain being put on one individual team member. The work would be divided between the other team members, and the work would get done more quickly than before and help ease the strain of the first team member without breaking the workflow.

Maximizing resources is another great resource among kanban tools – this is implemented by throwing out the timetables associated with other Agile principles such as Scrum. Instead, Kanban uses a continuous stream of deliveries while also continuing to improve the processes required to get there.

Despite its apparent lack of due dates, the system of continuous delivery makes collaboration with the client and also the gaining of feedback throughout the process much more desirable to deliver the best product and of course one that the client is proud to own and share their experience with further potential clients. This practice establishes closer bonds between clients and the company, which ultimately leads to referrals and repeat business.

Visualization is perhaps the greatest tool that Kanban uses. Visual and tangible examples like the Kanban board stick with the team and help them remember, organize, and communicate more quickly and easily. This also allows for more creative thinking to overtake the team members, thinking out of the box, the time box, if you will!

There is no doubt that Kanban is a valuable principle that can be used to improve your business. Implementing the valuable tools we showcased here can help you make the most of your time and resources and have your business on the fast track to success.

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