How does an online kanban board work?

There are few tools as valuable in the business world as a Kanban board. With Kanban taking over the way most businesses manage their workflow, it’s important to know what a Kanban board is and how it works.

What is a Kanban Board?

A Kanban board is a visual representation of the workflow and is divided into lanes which are filled with color-coded cards. On these cards is the relevant information for that particular part of the process.

These can be represented physically by a whiteboard and post-it notes or digitally via a software application. Today, we are going to focus on the online version of the board and how it works.

How does an online kanban board work?

First, let us talk about the benefits of using an online Kanban system. Online boards make it a lot easier for large teams who may not be in the same place locally, to collaborate and communicate more efficiently together in real time.

A digital Kanban board also has many advantages when gathering data to improve the process altogether using metrics to measure and analyze the work as it goes through the process.

So how does the online kanban board work? Just like its physical counterpart an online Kanban is divided into vertical lanes that represent the phases of the workflow. Kanban cards with your work tasks are moved through the lanes via drag and drop as progress is made.

The cards have visual icons that help to communicate important details such as priority, issues, owners, and estimated due dates. The differing types of work in the process are symbolized with the use different colors for each one. This allows for a quicker visual concept of where work is in the process, what type of work and what needs to be done next. This can be communicated worldwide and instantaneously thereby increasing efficiency and reducing or even eliminating guesswork.

The innovation and communication available to users of online Kanban boards cannot be beaten, not even by their physical Kanban counterparts.

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