Personal Kanban: What is it and why you should use it

For many people the general idea of Kanban and ways of using it are exclusive to their business structure and this awesome task management technique is something they can’t see themselves using outside the office.

However, if they expand their horizons just a bit, they’ll be able to see how using personal kanban can be useful even for those who are just looking for a better way to manage their time while doing their chores around the house.

With the right structure and planning (and it’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound), you can create and manage your very own personal Kanban software, a very useful resource when looking to make better use of your own time.

Kanban is not only a very effective task management tool to use in your professional life, it can be relied upon as a solid way of even getting through things like dealing with the cleaning up around the house or taking on a DIY landscaping project in your own garden.

Life always finds a way of being extra complex and this is why knowing how to manage and putting together a personal Kanban to “self-organise” can be so important: it’ll help ensure that won’t overwhelmed yourself with all the things going on at the same time.

So if you took all your tasks, wrote them down and divided them between to-do, doing and done wouldn’t it be a lot easier to keep track of what is it you took as a responsibility, what can you currently take on and do simultaneously and stop yourself from starting a hundred tasks but only finishing ten?

On our personal life, we deal with deadlines for bills, payments, all sorts of activities with determined timeframes to be done, so you need to make sure you are always on time.

If you add in things like dealing with a fitness regime of diet and regular exercising, taking children to after-school activities etc. and even just managing your home can become overwhelming without the help of a smart, simple and effective personal Kanban strategy!

What is Personal Kanban?

Put simply, a Personal Kanban is a weekly structure that you trace for yourself and then follow to the letter (or as much to the letter as you can), ensuring that you’ll never forget about a task or you spend all of your time trying to juggle so many different things at the same time that it makes you feel completely lost!

With the right kind of planning you can easily remove most of the usual stresses and strains that come along with trying to manage today’s modern life, helping you improve timekeeping and productivity.

With the right prep and the right knowledge, you can use your basic personal Kanban strategy for more or less anything. Unlike other personal tools that you can try to use to boost productivity, though, you will find that a personal Kanban can be used as a personal way to improve the patterns in your life. Trying to cut down the time it takes to get the shopping done so that you can get your youngest child to their weekly soccer practice a little earlier? Then maybe you should consider using personal Kanban as a way to help you manage your time effectively.

Why Should I use Personal Kanban?

The main reason to try and use Personal Kanban, though, is because it helps you visualize and plan your week ahead. Choose the best way to fit your needs, either a physical Kanban board or an online tool (such as Pipefy).If you start planning and organising yourself, dividing work tasks, home tasks and personal tasks you will find that it becomes much easier to actually start doing (and finishing) those tasks when they are thoroughly categorised and broken down in terms of successfulness, productivity and preparation.

You may be thinking just how challenging it can be to put all this in place for yourself, and, maybe with the help of a little visual aid you can make it easier on yourself when you want to try and keep things in check and ensure that you are on the right track moving forward.

Another huge advantage of using a personal Kanban, as briefly commented above, is that it will help you limit the amount of work you forget about or leave behind as a work in progress. With the help of a personal task management tool, it soon becomes much easier to prepare a plan that allows you to keep improving directly.

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