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In an online, connected, 24/7 social media world, having your customer’s attention is worth more than gold. It is, however, becoming more and more difficult to attract the eyes, ears and all other senses of your target market – since it became increasingly easier to be online, more and more brands appeared and the competition grew exponentially.

When you’re online, you’re not only going against companies that are your own size and battling with the same weapons you have – you’re also competing against much larger companies, with well structured online marketing departments, unlimited advertising funds and all the other internet distractions (we all know how distracting internet can be).

The fact that you’re going to war against giants doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to spend everything you have towards online marketing efforts (it also doesn’t mean you’ll have to rely on grand gestures in order to stand out from the crowd).
Here are a few creative ideas in which you can earn your place in the sun – digitally speaking – without spending tons of money:

Get endorsed:

Nowadays, when people want to buy a product or hire a service, they don’t go online looking for the product’s specifications only, they want to know who is using your product and why they’re doing it. They go online, they search for blogs that give the product a good recommendation…Here’s why being endorsed by people that are relevant to your target marketing or even local celebrities (people your local paper is writing about) is so important.
It may be a long lost dream of many to have their brand endorsed by global celebrities but, instead of dreaming that big and aiming at that rock star to support your business, be realistic and try focusing on the tech blogger that’s booming with followers on social media, you may get surprised with the results.

Create videos for YouTube:

YouTube can be more powerful as an online marketing platform than you think – it has over a billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos, and generating billions of views. In order to truly cease YouTube’s potential, though, you’ll have to think outside the box and go beyond posting random videos of your product or sharing your thoughts.
Plan your marketing videos strategically: think less about spending a fortune on a professional camera and lighting equipment (your smartphone camera should do just fine) or editing (if you’re on a Mac, you already have iMovie on your applications or if you don’t have a Mac, you can easily find free video editing softwares online) and more about having a great headline (preferably keyword researched), a clear message (keep your videos short, people tend to have a short attention spam when it comes to videos) and a call to action (always tell the viewer to do something, such as like the video, subscribe to the channel or your newsletter, try the new version of your product, etc. Be creative!).

Write an e-book about your industry:

In times where people search everything online, you no longer need to go to a publishing company and spend your money to distribute a book – all you have to do is produce quality content and make it available! The goal here is not to make a profit, you can make it available for free, the goal is to use it as a lead generation tool, bringing readers into your website for further information.
You don’t need to be a great writer to make a good ebook, you can go online and search for tools or even ghostwriters to help you convert your blogposts into an ebook – the ultimate goal is to produce a final content that’ll be interesting to your target market, that can be used for lead generation in a landing page, for example, and that’ll generate further interest in your product/service.

Free Marketing Templates:

Looking for free marketing templates to help you standardize your company’s marketing processes? Pipefy offers a range of marketing process templates that’ll help you manage your marketing strategies, such as Content Marketing, Marketing Requests and Growth Hacking Experiments.

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