Pipefy end of the year review 2017

Team Pipefy

The year 2017 is coming to an end and we are nothing but grateful for all that we were able to accomplish. Pipefy experienced an unprecedented year of growth since our founding in 2014. In summer alone, we welcomed 25 new hires and by December we launched over 40 new features.

Looking back, we know that not only the volume but also the quality of features launched wouldn’t have been the same without the critical feedback of our community. It’s thanks to your participation in our journey, that we’ve hit major milestones this past year.

Some feature milestones released in 2017

Here are some highlights of the most impactful features launched this year.


Event-based trigger automation ranks high on our list of milestones. Using this powerful feature, users can streamline their workflows and save time on tedious or repetitive tasks. One of our clients, Berneck, gained an ROI of 270% with automation alone.

Open App platform

The Pipefy Developers Platform allows developers to create Apps they need to improve the workflow processes of their team, other teams in their company, and other users in the Pipefy community. On the Platform, developers can build Apps using an easy to learn framework or GraphQL query language, and set-up webhooks to receive event notifications.

Customizable public forms

Our widely popular public forms feature was made customizable in 2017. This enables our users to keep design, user experience, and user environment inline with their brand identity and easily link publicly submitted data to their company’s database.

Receive & send attached documents via email messaging

Not only did we launch direct email messaging from Pipefy but we also built in attachment capabilities that allow users to add, send, and save documents into the card’s attachment section.

Multiple views: Kanban, calendar, and sprint

One feedback made loud and clear this year was customization is king. That’s way we expanded from our traditional kanban view to offering a calendar and sprint view.

Besides these major feature releases, we are proud to have helped our customers, such as Wipro, to accomplish more with process excellence.

Customer case study highlights


Pipefy enables Wipro employees to create custom processes in a matter of weeks, accurately track SLAs, and easily build-on or reconfigure complex processes. cut back on process modeling and design by 95%


By implementing Pipefy, Berneck was able to retire the extensive use of Excel and significantly cut back on operational costs. Now they rarely miss a deadline saving about $30.2k a year, reduced their lead time by 31%, and earned an ROI of 270% with Pipefy’s automation features.

Self improvement is a lot like process management: it’s a lot more efficient to implement small, incremental changes (one step at a time) than to establish bold resolutions (aka trying to bite more than you can chew) and being disappointed when you fail to achieve those goals.

Here at Pipefy we have a very strong culture and one of our strongest values is to be 1% better every day (also known as Kaizen).

So this year we’d like to wish you happy holidays and invite you to join us on this journey: instead of establishing traditional new year’s resolutions, tell us what are you going to do to be one percent better everyday in 2018?


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