New Field conditionals: Make even the most complex processes flow

Pipefy announces the new Field conditionals for Business and Enterprise plan members. Now create fields using conditional logic for a more dynamic and fluid experience. Hide, reveal, or require information based on “if, then” logic which can be applied to a pipe’s start form, public form, and phases.

Field conditional

“For example, set a Field conditional to show a Justification field for reimbursement requests for values over $1000”

Field conditionals enable you to create dynamic and interactive forms by:

✓ Using “if, then” conditional logic for field set-up
✓ Setting-up “and/or” scenarios
✓ Hiding or revealing information based on previous conditions
✓ Requiring information based on previous conditions

Try our new Field conditionals feature to create custom and dynamic forms.

How Field conditionals can make your company workflows more efficient:

Processes don’t always follow a linear fashion. Using field conditionals you can keep your processes flowing, no matter the complexity of the actions that drive your process. Moreover, you can create dynamic forms that either hide or reveal information depending on the previous conditions—enabling a more user-friendly experience.

Field conditionals are a perfect feature for:

– Creating dynamic Public forms
– Customizing processes based on “if, then” scenarios
– Managing financial processes that require information based on transaction volume/amount

Justification field only showed after the $2000 flight ticket reimbursement was requested

Field Conditionals enable Business and Enterprise Pipefy users to customize processes with conditional logic. Talk to your account manager to upgrade your plan or, if you are a Business or Enterprise user, you can start setting-up Field conditionals in your workflows.

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