New Public Forms Customization Options: Improve UX & Match Your Brand

Pipefy announces new customization capabilities to our widely used public forms feature. Now public forms can be customized to have the look and feel of your company website. Keep design, user experience, and user environment inline with your brand identity and easily link publicly submitted data to your company’s database.

Pipefy public form

Tailor public forms to match your company’s design and brand by altering:

✓ Form image
✓ Title and description
✓ Button text
✓ Button colors
✓ Background image
✓ Submitted message feedback

Our new customization options allow your business to improve user experience that builds trust with your customers. Select high quality photographs from our partners at Unsplash for a professional background image, change button colors to match your brand, and create a personalized submission message. Try the new public forms feature now.

How public forms can make your company workflows more efficient:

Public forms complement workflow processes in which a business operation needs information from a third party. Using public forms, third parties can fill out forms or provide information to your company via a shareable link. All responses are linked to the company’s Pipefy database that can also be customized for optimal data organization.

Public forms is a perfect feature for:

– Contact forms
– Ticket request submissions
– Comments/Suggestions forms
– Subscription sign-ups
– Job application submissions
– Client onboarding/registration forms
– Feedback forms

The public forms feature enables data centralization and keeps information flowing smoothly, making it a significantly useful feature for various businesses and departments.

Create and test the new public forms

Improve communication, streamline the flow of information, and centralize data using Pipefy.

Written by Arianna Aryel Ramos, Content Strategist at Pipefy. She uses deep research and empathy as a foundation for creating informative and interesting pieces for her readers. When she's not in Pipefy's office in rainy Curitiba, Brazil she is usually sipping tea and working on her Portuguese or Spanish.