Pipefy Joins the GraphQL Foundation

Ashley Sava

Pipefy, along with companies such as Facebook, PayPal, AWS, IBM and Intuit, has joined the GraphQL Foundation as one of the founding members to support the evolution of GraphQL as it endures as the standard for building APIs.

“We are excited to formally welcome new members and to work closely with them to build out and support a global GraphQL ecosystem,” Lee Byron, Co-creator of GraphQL, said. “We’re pleased that the GraphQL specification will continue to evolve through the JDF and Linux Foundation partnership. With an easier and faster way to create and advance standards, developers can concentrate on creating applications that make a bigger impact on communities around the world.”

GraphQL is a modern way of building APIs. It speaks to many of the limitations of traditional REST APIs by enabling clients to specify exactly what data is required. This makes aggregating data from multiple sources simpler, using an austere system to describe data. GraphQL interprets that your application data is a graph, allowing clients to query it as a graph.

“At Pipefy we are building the lean management platform,” Raphael Costa, Head of Platform at Pipefy, said. “Since the beginning, GraphQL has enabled our developers to deliver new features and services more efficiently and with better communication from front-end and back-end teams. After we started using it internally, we decided to build our public API using GraphQL, a choice that enabled us to deliver a better developer experience to the developers who are building on top of our platform. We are excited to contribute to the GraphQL ecosystem and support the GraphQL Foundation.”

According to The Linux Foundation, virtually every major programming language offers GraphQL support through a variety of open source software libraries.

“We have been betting on GraphQL since the beginning,” Costa said. “Today we already have more than 1.5M calls per day in our GraphQL Public API, and we will continue to use and bet on GraphQL. Thank you to everyone that contributed to adopting this technology at Pipefy.”

We are excited to announce this news and look forward to working together to advance GraphQL as an industry standard for designing more effective APIs.

You can learn more about the GraphQL Foundation here.

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Ashley Sava
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