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If you’ve been a Pipefy user for a while, you’re probably already using one of Pipefy’s most popular features: Pipe Connections. To make it better and ever more useful for our users, we’ve modified the way it works.

The updated version of the feature is now called Connection Field. It still allows you to create a connection from a specific phase of the parent pipe to the start form of the child pipe, as you did using Pipe Connections.

By transforming the late Pipe Connection into a field – hence the name, connection field – we hope to help you reinforce the importance of using the connection as an active part of your process ( you can even make it mandatory). Now, the connection is as much a part of your process as any other type of field.

Another change is that users are now also able to create a connection between two pre-existing cards (before the update they had to create a new card from the parent card to make them connected).

Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, let’s use some of these to make it easier for you to understand what’s new.

How it used to be (Pipe Connection)

Before the update, you could access your pipe connections clicking on the connections icon located on the tab on the left side of the open card:

connection field feature update pipefy

From there, you went on to the connections tab where you clicked the “use new pipe connection button” (assuming you had set up a pipe connection for this phase).

connection field feature update pipefyFrom there, the connected pipe’s start form was shown within the open card’s left side.

connection field feature update pipefy
You could access all the connected cards you’ve created through the same path, on the connections tab.

How it is now (Connection Field)

The late Pipe Connections feature is now a special field type you can add to any phase of your pipe (accessing the phase’s settings and adding a new ‘connections’ type field).

After you add a connections field, you can easily access it to use the connection on an open card on the phase you’ve added it to:

connection field feature update pipefy

When you click on the connection field, you have the option of creating a new connected card or searching and choosing a pre-existing card on the connected pipe (depending on what you specify on the connection field settings).

connection field feature update pipefy

Let’s suppose you’ve decided to click the ‘Add new’ button in order to create a brand new connected card. The connected pipe’s start form will open on your screen:

connection field feature update pipefy

The cards created by the connections field can be accessed on that phase’s overview as well as clicking on these sidebar icons:

connection field feature update pipefy

To sum things up, if you wish to create a connection from a specific phase of a pipe to the beginning of another pipe, the Connection Field is what you should use.

If you wish to connect all phases of a pipe to the beginning of a second pipe (to allow users to create subtasks from all phases of a pipe, for example), though, you should create a Connection directly on the Pipe Settings.

connection field feature update pipefy

This type of connection can be accessed via the connections tab on all phases of your process.

We hope you liked this new and exciting update! We’re always working hard towards making Pipefy better for you, that’s why we’d like to hear back from you!

Did you like this update? Will it make it easier for you to connect your processes? Let us know by contacting our support team via the in-app chat!

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