Pipefy’s first Hackathon Proves Successful, Reiterates Company’s Lean Values

Ashley Sava

Pipefy held its very first Hackathon this week, which was deemed a Scalathon. These events are breeding grounds to try out those ideas that have been tossed around for months, but employees don’t have the time to pitch or test out during normal working hours. The goal was to find new ways to deliver more value to our clients and potential clients.

The Scalathon kicked off bright and early with a team breakfast. The day was then spent trying out new solutions and hypotheses that strive to ensure Pipefy scales faster and exceeds the needs of customers. Of course, without tremendous amounts of caffeine in the form of Barista Coffee Bar coffee and Red Bull®, the employees might not have had the energy to keep up with the enormous amounts of ideas shared.

“I never attended a Hackathon before, and I loved it,” Marina Matta of Pipefy’s Inbound team said. “It was an intense day of learning where we were focused on understanding the main bottlenecks of the operation and how we can unlock them by thinking outside the box. Everyone was engaged in sharing their different ideas and perspectives for the same problems, and the energy among teams was incredible.”

Pipefy believes that innovation is best demonstrated by bringing ideas to life, even if the first version isn’t yet perfect. They were fortunate enough to get inspired on these concepts by Iuri Alencar of NOVIGGI who was able to speak on ideation and Gisele Raulik Murphy of DUCO Design Intelligence who presented on service design. By pitch time, all participants engaged in meditation led by Projecto X.

“It was awesome to see the team’s engagement while joining together for innovation on a holiday,” Felipe Carvalhe, Pipefy Customer Operations Lead, said. “They proved how motivated they were to think of new ways to scale the business faster. Besides the output of a few great hypotheses we’ll test in the following weeks, the event was a great opportunity to get the team aligned and to get in the mindset that will be critical to help us continue scaling at a fast pace.”

“The fact that we were gathered together during a holiday to look for ways to improve our operations indicates we have a continuous improvement culture here at Pipefy,” Letícia Paiva, Pipefy Lean Marketing Leader, said. “Everybody was invited to share their ideas and opinions across all teams. We had representation across all customer success and sales teams. Letting everyone have a voice is a very Lean thing to do.”

Lean longs for perfection. That’s why Lean organizations and teams build and nurture a culture where every team member is empowered and trained to see opportunities for improvement.

Kaizen is the main philosophy of Lean in which you seek continuous improvement every day,” Paiva said.

The Hackathon’s purpose was 100 percent centered around finding solutions to deliver more value to clients. Adding value for customers is a Lean methodology that helps organizations flourish by increasing the quality of their products and services and by helping them to deliver more value to their customers while minimizing waste.

Written by
Ashley Sava
is Pipefy's Editor and Copywriter. With a background in journalism and content marketing, she uses her wit, writing skills and incurable cheerfulness to leave her readers inspired, hooked and informed. Sava resides in Austin, Texas.

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