Pride Month 2019: A Q&A with Diego Aires


Why are initiatives like Pride Month important for everyone?

It’s about helping someone who’s different to be proud of who they are—and we shouldn’t just be focused on this because it’s Pride Month, but all the time. It’s how we improve ourselves as humans. I hate that we’re still fighting for basic rights. In feminism, too, (I’m a feminist,) there’s a lot of work to be done all over. We need equality all around so we can all be proud of ourselves.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

We always are going to want to have innovation, which means we need to have lots of opinions. If 100 Diegos are all working in the same place, it’s just not going to be as good of a place to work as a place with many other perspectives is.

What do you hope changes in the next few years in Brazil regarding inequality?

We need a change of government. When people don’t like how they are being treated he says things like “If you are Black, go back to Africa.” It’s one person you hear saying it, but there are hundreds of thousands of people hearing it and some agree.

It’s also a change of attitudes. You still hear things like “you fight like a girl!” Why is that a bad thing? Show them how hard a girl can fight.

Where do you think these prejudices stem from?

A lot of this goes back to religion. People point out things in the Bible, like women obeying their husbands, but the Bible also supports owning slaves. I think we should teach respect to all religions, and teach people to respect all religions.

We also need more visibility for minorities. We need to be more conscious of others. No color, no gender, no sexual orientation should define how you are treated. Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s so easy.

What are some things you can share about your ideals?

I’m polygamic, not monogamic. That means I Iove a lot of people and I love myself. I like to say I had a big heart, and someone broke it, but now all the pieces can give a little love to everyone.

I am an idealist. I truly do believe in people. We can build great things together.

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