Tips to Uplift Your Organizational Productivity with BPM


Business leaders are in persistent pressure to stay in the competition while increasing productivity and decreasing costs. The desired things can be achieved with competitive business processes. To defeat the challenges, organizations are prone to the advantages of BPM (business process management). It offers cost-efficiency, enhanced operational productivity, improved customer services, better business agility and excellent product and service innovations. 

What is BPM?

Business process management is the core of every business strategy. With good and state to the art technology, supportive infrastructures and the right team of employees, you can deliver value to your prospects by implementing smart processes with the right approach. It also helps you to stay competitive and generate profitable revenues with consistent growth. 


Importance of BPM

Undoubtedly, BPM incorporates CPI (continuous process improvements) methods (one of the features of Pipefy), including Six Sigma, and utilizes them to optimize present business processes. It catalyzes to accelerate methodologies and enhance the profitability and efficiency of the organization by improving business proceedings along with the key elements of visibility, agility, and ability.


Facts and figures

  • Global BPM market is estimated to be $13-14 billion by the end of 2021
  • More than 90% of the companies already have document processing in 2015
  • Currently, 4% of companies manage their process documentations
  • Even lack of processes at NASA causes a blunder resulting in $193 million Mars Climate Orbiter Satellite disintegration
  • Microsoft got 4.46 billion hours of downtime when their standard deployment process wasn’t followed correctly
  • Taco Bell lost and get worthy of $1.98 billion in three decades by just re-structuring their core business processing
  • A success rate of a project can be increased by 70% by implementing BPM
  • More than 40% of the giant companies take BPM as a primary way of cost reduction

Below are seven useful tips to uplift your organization’s productivity with BPM:


1. Effective Use of Resources

If the key roles and processes are not well defined even in successful organizations, it may cost them with inefficiency and persistent challenges to meet bottom lines. Also, it may stretch them to fit competitive challenges and market developments with agility. 

BPM offers them a flexible and structured environment to allot processes and roles by redesigning them for better effectivity. It makes sure the strategic alignment and lets you deploy and monitor the effective use of resources in your company. 

2. Process Transparency

The starting point for any journey is to have clarity in the processes. Organizations need to get visibility to meet their goals. How, what, why, and who should be demonstrated to every employee to create ownership and responsibility. BPM can deploy to attain optimal outcomes at the correct cost with maximum productivity gains and hence helps to mitigate hindrances and critical challenges of communication. 

3. Upgraded Collaboration

BPM not only offers an efficient framework that fosters stakeholder’s participation in conjunction, but it also provides businesses with the articulation of strategies, vision and mission to serve as a standard reference for documentation. BPM enables organizational changes of cultures to foster collaborations and communications across the network of locations, groups and businesses. It combines task management with process management to deliver real-time reporting effectively. 

4. Technology & Innovation

Outdated technologies have proven to be the factor for negative productivity in many organizations. Hence, the latest technologies employed, the more productive companies will be. To overcome this challenge, organizations need to incorporate BPM processes that are designed to continuously improve in prominent positions to attempt and reverse the situations. Redesigning a process is just another innovation while they produce real revolutions to add value to the products and services in an industry. 

5. Educating & Training Employees

Knowledge and skills are crucial for every employee to perform work productively. However, regardless of the efforts they put in to get trained, the demands of the market cannot be met. Essay writing service can get a better understanding of how the impacts of education and learning can benefit professionals at every level of employment with relevant pieces of training. 

BPM can be incorporated to transfer knowledge from multiple sources to the personals with automation and documentation. It may seem to be boring from a business perspective, but it leads to taking real-time actions that top management needs to mitigate the risk of a lack of knowledge and skills in the employees.

6. Infrastructure

Lack of upgraded technology is the most highlighted reason for outdated infrastructure. Also, the lack of transparent and straight forward developmental policies is outpouring business from their markets and even countries. 

BPM leads you to consider the infrastructure issues, including logistics, supply chain and FIFO systems, to get into the context. Thus, a problem can also serve you as a business opportunity, and technologies can get you to overcome the challenge and guarantee better productivity. 

7. Root Cause Analysis & Value Stream

BPM offers a process mapping system to address the primary causes of recognized concerns of organizations along with challenges, issues and problems in the present processes. It help you to identify barriers and prevent procedures from meeting defined enhancement needs instantly.

Take-Home Points

For every business, it is essential to evaluate primary procedures by utilizing BPM solutions to ensure the employee performances and morale can be maximized. It prepares your organization’s ecosystem to reduce exhaustion and make it embrace a positive change. Make sure to incorporate it correctly and smartly to rip the sweetest fruit out of your efforts. All the best!

Author Bio: Amanda Jerelyn is a qualified digital marketer and an expert assignment writing service provider. Currently she is a Content Strategist at King Essay. 

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