What is Workflow Management?

Workflow management, also commonly referred to as Business Process Management (BPM) is without a doubt every bit as important as the introduction of a workflow in itself. If you can stop for a few minutes and take the time to understand just where you company stands then you can really start getting the most out of managing your workflows.

A workflow, naturally, has to be properly planned and managed properly, otherwise you’ll find yourself struggling to achieve the levels of effectiveness you would have been hoping for in the long run.

You need to be prepared to take your workflow management further each time, otherwise you are unlikely to make your company (and the way you manage each of your processes) a hit.

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What is workflow management (and why should I do it)?

The general concept of workflow management is the optimization of your company’s business processes through automation. This optimization process includes mapping, planning and coordinating all parts of your business structure: from managing all points of user interaction on your customer success journey to dealing with your day-by-day administrative tasks.

Let me be extremely honest here: workflow management is not an easy job (but don’t panic quite yet!). Even though it typically requires a lot of planning and hard work to get it up and running according to your expectations, the productivity and effectiveness improvements are normally more than enough to justify the effort.

How do I begin managing my workflows?

Typically, the first step you should take when it comes to managing your company’s workflows is defining how you’ll do it.

It’s safe to say that this hard task will normally become a lot easier if you have the right tools, such as specifically developed workflow/process management (such as Pipefy!). These tools can make an enormous difference when it comes to the amount of effort it’ll take to manage your processes.

Among these specific software and apps, there are some (like Pipefy!) that offer pre-designed process templates, specially designed to help you and your team understand workflow management faster.

Enhance your workflows

Pipefy, for example, owes most of its fame due to its customizable process templates that allow people to get a general idea of how processes should work while also customizing these models to meet their exact needs (without technical expertise or IT support).

I know I’m slightly biased to recommend you use Pipefy so what I’ll tell you is that you should check out all options available in the market before deciding which alternative is the best for your business and your team’s needs. Just be sure to choose an app that’s easy to use and has a simple interface, these aspects are essential if you’re looking for a tool everyone in your company can use.

You also need to make sure that whatever the platform you chose to manage your workflows is, it must allow you to keep track of the activities of all your teams as well as how each process interacts with others. This helps you make the best out of your company’s resources as well as ensures people are never wasting time just waiting around for their services to be required.

Make sure that your workflow allow for engaging and pro-active stance to making a change within the business otherwise workflow management is more or less meaningless; it needs fundamental changes to be put in place for the best chance of success.

If you’re still not sure why and how using a workflow management system could benefit your company’s performance, the answer is quite simple; they make it easier for your staff to have a clear definition of how things work as well as allows you to keep track of everyone’s performance and make sure they’re all working as hard as they can.

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