Global Meetup • Jun 2021

The Impact Of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Start-ups and SaaS Companies

On June 24th at 12 pm (Eastern Time) – Online Event

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What is GDPR?  What you need to know about it and what the changes mean for your business

Pipefy Community is bringing to you an opportunity to talk to specialists on Privacy Law and its impacts on Saas Companies and business. 

GDPR can be considered as the world's strongest set of data protection rules, which enhance how people can access information about them and places limits on what organizations can do with personal data.

The pandemic scenario has put thousands of people online sharing information all the time. What are the impacts of this law in the business world and, mainly, in the world of technology? More than avoiding risks, technology companies and businesses, in general, must comply with the GDPR if they want to attract investors and guarantee privacy for customers and partners.

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Everything you need to know about Privacy Law and GDPR


Cainã Gomez

Security Team


Cainã Gomez, the governance risks and compliance leader will tell us about how pipefy worked in the last past 12 months to be compliant with the LGPD and GDPR compliance programs. Cainã have long experience on the Information Security Area, focused on Data Privacy, and Compliance structures.

Sumita Saxena

Senior Legal Counsel

Calm App for Meditation and Sleep

Responsible for handling commercial transactions, data privacy and employment matters. Provide legal counsel and support to the B2B team in reviewing, drafting, redlining and negotiating all commercial contracts.

Assist with and responsible for maintaining and developing template agreements. Work cross-functionally across teams such as development operations, engineering, user acquisition and product to assist with data privacy matters relating to HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Provide support for employment matters such as review of employee handbook and other employment policies.


Jun 24th

12 pm

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12h15 pm

GDPR - Meet specialists and stay on top of the impacts of privacy law in your business

12h45 pm

Questions & Answers - Q&A session with our special guest

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Eduardo Kano
TRR Seguradora

"Meetups are important ceremonies for the community's experience because, precisely, they bring staff members closer to doers, allow us to take a look at the highlights of the cycle, reinforce interesting initiatives, and present the new features being implemented.
Also when Product and Support, or other Pipefy’s teams participate, we build together such enriching moments, with live demonstrations of the features released like a sneak peek on new resources."

Rebeca Venancio

"I am a Doer and I am part of the Pipefy community, because as I once heard "wisdom is not knowing much, but sharing this knowledge." and I believe that through the connection of the community, we leave much stronger and full of ideas, than alone. Join the Pipefy Community and access exclusive content! Ask questions, find answers and share knowledge with other members!"


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