Global Meetup • Oct 2021

CNH Industrial Use Case - Digital Transformation in Latam processes

On October 28th at 12 pm (East Time) – Online Event

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Saving hours of work is also saving money.

CNH Industrial is using Pipefy for two years and is promoting digital transformation for four different departments in Latin America.

Orchestrating processes in different languages and timezones is a huge challenge for a global company. Through Pipefy, CNH Industrial is nailing it and leading a high-performance team around Latin America.


Who will talk to us in the October edition of the Global Meetup is Diogo Ayres, the Service Delivery at CNH Industrial. He will show us this and more incredible numbers that show how the company is optimizing internal processes.


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Join us for this unmissable event and find out how CNH Industrial is building error-proof workflows.


Diogo Ayres

Service Delivery

CNH Industrial

Cainã Gomez, o líder de riscos e conformidade de governança nos contará como o Pipefy trabalhou nos últimos 12 meses para estar em conformidade com os programas de conformidade LGPD e GDPR. Cainã possui longa experiência na área de Segurança da Informação, com foco em Privacidade de Dados e estruturas de Compliance.

Andre Oliveira

Customer Success Manager


Advogado, líder da equipe de DPOaaS e Proteção de Dados do Opice Blum Advogados (escritório líder especializado em Direito Digital).

Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP).

Certificações CIPM e CIPP/E. Experiência em proteção de dados, compliance e governança corporativa.

Coordenador educacional e professor de cursos de gestão e programas de proteção de dados e privacidade.


October 28th

12 pm

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12h15 pm

CNH Industrial Use Case - Digital Transformation in Latam processes

12h45 pm

Questions & Answers - Q&A session with our special guest

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Eduardo Kano TRR Seguradora

"Meetups are important ceremonies for the community's experience because, precisely, they bring staff members closer to doers, allow us to take a look at the highlights of the cycle, reinforce interesting initiatives, and present the new features being implemented.Also when Product and Support, or other Pipefy’s teams participate, we build together such enriching moments, with live demonstrations of the features released like a sneak peek on new resources."

Rebeca Venancio Basf

"I am a Doer and I am part of the Pipefy community, because as I once heard "wisdom is not knowing much, but sharing this knowledge." and I believe that through the connection of the community, we leave much stronger and full of ideas, than alone. Join the Pipefy Community and access exclusive content! Ask questions, find answers and share knowledge with other members!"


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