Find out how California based ad agency HYFN increased visibility in their sales processes, saved a lot of time and became more efficient with Pipefy

We looked into it and it seemed to be exactly what we needed. The most important thing when choosing Pipefy was that we wanted something easy to use. We had other workflow tools, but they weren’t as user-friendly as far as the overall design and aesthetic of it. They were really dry and nowhere near as beautiful as Pipefy


 HYFN is a full-service digital ad agency, co-founded by entrepreneur Morgan Harris in 2000, with a mission to deliver sophisticated solutions and quality service. Today, they’ve expanded from two partners based in L.A. to around 100 team members across five major US cities. HYFN specializes in developing creative and UX strategy, websites, social ad solutions and media campaigns. With an award-winning team and a free-spirited way of merging work and play, their business is booming.


HYFN and Pipefy:

Pipefy has been a part of HYFN’s routine since October of 2015, working as a solution to support their sales team throughout the presales process.

Before bringing Pipefy into their business, the group over at HYFN relied on online spreadsheets and documents to control these processes, but couldn’t find a way to create standards everyone had to follow— a problem easily solved by setting up phases with required fields on Pipefy.

Their process lacked a certain amount of control and accountability, so they started looking for a tool that offered this in addition to an easily navigable interface. They found that and much more on Pipefy, and have been avid users since.


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Pipefy allowed HYFN to create the standards they needed to unite all of the information gathered by the sales team, which was previously spread across different applications, in a single, easy to use platform.


Using Pipefy has allowed HYFN to reduce their response time and improve the way they share knowledge and information among their teams. Pipefy’s centralized and transparent interface allows all team members to clearly see the processes with all existing information, urgency/priority, etc. After implementing the solution, HYFN’s were able to better understand the way their processes work saving time, and organizing the business better.

How this success story started…

In the pre-Pipefy era, the sales team at HYFN had a hard time visualizing their presales process as a whole, and how it integrated into the actual sales process.

People also had the terrible habit of picking and choosing what information they wanted to fill in when creating a new lead, which led to a lot of incomplete information, re-work and a loss of efficiency.

They’d tried using other software alternatives before, such as Jira, but they just couldn’t find one that fit their needs in allowing the creation of required fields, and that gave a clear, transparent view of the process to everyone.

That is until they found Pipefy, of course. Pipefy’s ease of use and friendly interface allowed for the entire platform to be implemented at HYFN in just a couple of days with the help of Pipefy’s Knowledge Base Videos.

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