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We help managers streamline their processes. Trusted by do-ers at:

Reap the benefits of implementing better processes

  • Guide your team

    Easily create standard operating procedures to guide your process.

  • Prevent failures & mistakes

    Create conditional logics and required steps to ensure the team will stay on track.

  • Track and improve SLAs

    Improve responsiveness and predictability by easily setting up SLAs for every step of your process.

  • Find bottlenecks

    Easily find and understand the root causes that are preventing your process to move faster.

  • Get visibility

    Easily track your team's performance and increase accountability.

  • Reduce costs

    Simplify and automate manual and low value work and break your team free to focus on important activities.

Bring best practices to your department

Hundreds of plug & play lean process templates based on the best practices for your industry or department.

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Automate repetitive manual work

Automations, email templates, escalation, forms, connections and autofill.

Create better processes without having to bug IT.

Inefficient process

Unstructured collaboration, lack of visibility,
inconsistent quality.

Lean operations

Streamlined, co-ordinated, in
control, agile.

Managers around the world trust Pipefy

  • "Pipefy allows us to easily see exactly what we are working on, allowing us to streamline our work and save time."

    Chris Bennett Digital Communications Manager

  • "Ease of use interface and the possibility to create my process management the way I need with no IT guy."

    Cristiano Machado CEO

  • "Pipefy has become my go to solution for all my clients when it comes to managing just about anything."

    Torey Heinz Founder

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