Demo Day • July 2021

Easily manage your loan requests with Pipefy

Join Michael Hinton, Enterprise Account Executive at Pipefy, to learn how Pipefy can help enhance your current loan origination process.

On July 29th at 9 am (Pacific Time) – Online Event

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You'll learn:

• How smart workflows can help you manage your loan requests and approvals quickly and easily;

• How you can set up repeatable and efficient contract generation;

• How to improve process visibility across teams

Michael Hinton

Enterprise Account Executive



Stanley Quan

Product Evangelist


Cainã Gomez, the governance risks and compliance leader will tell us about how pipefy worked in the last past 12 months to be compliant with the LGPD and GDPR compliance programs. Cainã have long experience on the Information Security Area, focused on Data Privacy, and Compliance structures.

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Demo Day

Optimize your CS Operations with shared inboxes and automated workflows

Join Stanley Quan, Head of Customer Success, to discover how to:

• Improve turnaround times and reduce customer escalations;

• Automatically categorize and assign support requests to your team with proactive SLAs and streamlined escalation/approval flows;

• Provide visibility through real-time reporting, operational metrics, and segmented data

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