Support your Development team with the power of Agile

How Pipefy helps you build an agile Development department

Pipefy Pipefy

Get full process visibility

Set up workflows with your favorite view for powerful visual management. Track progress and have everyone on the same page.

Pipefy Pipefy

Standardize your Development operation

Keep it agile! Quickly create and deploy workflows for every process in your Development department and ensure best practices.

Pipefy Pipefy

Centralize tasks and routines

Stop toggling between emails, chats and pieces of paper. Centralize all your stories and tasks in one place.

Pipefy Pipefy

Leverage event-based automations

Automate regular sprint activities, reviews, task assignment and focus your time on delivering what really matters!

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Integrate with your favorite apps

Manage your pull requests with Github, BitBucket or Gitlab. Get notified on Slack about your stories and tasks and extend your workflow using our API.

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