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Customization and flexibility are two of the main characteristics that make Pipefy what it is. Customization is reflected on the ability of editing and customizing virtually everything about your processes to match your company’s exact needs.

From defining the amount of phases a process has to adding customized fields to each phase.

You can modify each field’s type depending on the information you’ll input into it (short or long text, checkbox, radio button, etc) and set individual titles, descriptions and help texts for each one.

You can specify whether fields are mandatory or not and if they’re displayed in full or minimal view.

You can determine the flow of information of each process by editing each phase’s action buttons and so on. Tailor-made processes to match your company’s exact needs.

What makes Pipefy such a flexible tool is that it can be useful for managing simple processes, such as simple to-do lists or team task management, to more complex, connected processes such as the purchase process + approval flow + accounts payable combo.

Pipefy’s advanced features (such as automationsconnectionsdatabaseemail templatesetc.) allow you to centralize your company’s operations, keeping your information safe and ensuring your company’s teams’ productivity.

To learn all about setting up your processes and Pipefy’s advanced features check out our knowledge base content.

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