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The database is Pipefy’s information storage system where you can store and retrieve important information for your company’s processes, such as customer, supplier and product records.

These are just examples, though. There isn’t a rule for what you can or can’t store on your company’s databases. There are many benefits for using databases, such as:

1. Centralized and Safe:  The database keeps all your important information stored in a single place.

Instead of relying on numerous spreadsheets, softwares and other unsafe places that may end up costing you essential information without even realizing it, centralize everything with the database;

2. The end of duplicated and outdated information: When you create a card for a customer, you can search your database and find out if he/she is already registered.

Everyone has access to the exact same information, making sure there’s no duplicate information and it’s always up to date;

3. 360-degree view: When you open one of your database’s entries, you can see all the actions/cards related to it (such as all customers that purchased a certain product or all purchases a customer made).

To learn more about how you can use the database, check out our knowledge base content.

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