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Deadline and SLA tracking

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Keep close track of your deadlines and SLAs

Pipefy’s alerts feature exists to help you keep track of your processes standard level agreements. You can control how much time a card can stay in one phase or go through the entire process. By setting a due date you can also keep track of each task’s expected completion date or even setup a reminder for a follow-up. Pipefy offers three types of alerts:

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Overdue: Pipefy notifies you when a card is past its due date. You can also easily keep track of the overdue cards on a pipe: the date shown on the cards gets highlighted yellow when the due date is close and red once it’s past;

Late alert: Alert shown directly on the card when it’s exceeded the maximum lead time you’ve set for a specific phase;

Expired alert: Also shown directly on the card when the card exceeds the maximum lead time you’ve set for the entire Pipe.

You can visualize how many cards are late/expired on a phase by the yellow/red rectangles shown right next to the phase’s name, with the number of cards with the alert on each phase.

To learn more about late and expired alerts and how to set them up, check out our knowledge base content.

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