The most effective way to control your inventory

Inventory control

The most effective way to control your inventory

Manage your company's equipment inventory more effectively

Companies have two types of assets: the people that work for them and the equipment they do to perform their activities. Usually, most modern companies provide their employees the necessary tools and equipments they need to do their jobs.

Those physical assets need to be controlled somehow so the company knows:

Companies normally turn to traditional asset management apps to do that.

While they’re not necessarily a bad choice, why should they add yet another app to the pile if they could use Pipefy’s database to do just that?The database is Pipefy’s information storage system.

You can use it to store and retrieve important information for your company’s processes, such as customer, supplier and product records.

The database keeps all your information centralized and safe in a single place.

Learn all about how you can use databases to do your company’s tool and equipment inventory control.

To learn more about what databases are and how to create them, check out our knowledge base content.

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