The most practical way to manage your tasks

Smart delegation

The most practical way to manage your tasks

Many managers, especially those responsible for managing more than one team, claim to have a hard time getting a general overview of their team’s activities. Normally, each team’s tasks are managed separately.

To know what each team’s doing, the manager may need to access two or more pipes, depending on how many team’s he’s responsible for. That would take a lot of time he probably can’t spare.

Pipefy’s advanced features make it much more practical:

Combining two of Pipefy’s advanced features (connections and automations) you can quickly setup a smart delegation flow that’ll boost your team’s performance and save a lot of time.

For example, let’s consider a sales team divided into three smaller teams: inbound sales, outbound sales and expansion.

The sales supervisor is responsible for overseeing the activities of all three teams. Normally he’d access each team’s pipe separately.

By setting up a smart delegation flow he can easily see on his own pipe what each team’s working on.

To learn more about automations and conditions are and how to set them up, check out our knowledge base content.

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