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Keeping track of the progress of big, complex tasks can be hard. It can be a lot easier if you create a secondary subtasks pipe and use Pipefy’s connections feature to create connected cards.

This useful feature allows you to create subtasks directly connected to the primary task (main card).

It makes it a lot easier to keep close track of the completion of each subtask so you can assess the overall completion status of the main task.

Using Pipefy’s automations feature you can setup automation rules so that:

Every time a subtask is moved to ‘doing’, the main task is automatically moved to doing;
When all subtasks are moved to ‘done’, the main task is automatically moved to done.

Click here to learn how to use subtask tracking to automate your company’s processes.


To learn more about how to set up connections and how to set up automations, check out Pipefy’s knowledge base.

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