Prioritize and visualize all pull requests using a Kanban board (or switch to Pipefy’s sprint planner). Easily link-up GitHub and Pipefy to receive pull request notifications and to better manage developer processes in Pipefy.

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Manage all pull requests directly in Pipefy

Automatically receive all pull request notifications in Pipefy and assign tasks to specific team members.

Stay up to date on GitHub pull requests

Pull requests are automatically updated and displayed on your cards so you can always be up to speed.


Easily Enable GitHub in Pipefy

✓ Go to Apps under Settings and enable GitHub
✓ Open any card in any phase of your pipe
✓ Click on the GitHub card label
✓ Authorize the GitHub integration
✓ Attach any pull requests based on the repositories linked to your account.

Get Pipefy for GitHub

Easily prioritize pull requests and improve developer process management.

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