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efficient than Kissflow?

If you want fair prices, excellent support, and a great user experience,
Pipefy is the perfect tool for high-level workflow automation.

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Flexible pricing

Pay for what you really use! Unlike Kissflow, Pipefy allows you to pay per user. Easily include and remove users and pay for what you receive, not more.

More automation capabilities

Pipefy provides truly automated solutions, such as connecting different workflows, creating new tasks, and updating field values.

Engage with external stakeholders

Communicate with your team and promote engagement with every stakeholder. It’s easy for customers to create requests without being paid Pipefy users.

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favorite software with ease

10 reasons why you should choose Pipefy over Kissflow

Pipefy x Kissflow
Easy to deploy digital workflows
No-code automated process builder
Collaborative environment for teams
Free plan
Quick and full support
User community
Request tracking for users and non-users
Email templates
Various types of automation
Service portals

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