Broken Process? We Can Fix That

You know your process is too manual. Emails get lost. Approvers go on PTO. Backlogs are growing and there’s no visibility into any of this. Deep down, you know there’s a better way.

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Building a better process is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1:

Identify one high priority workflow to improve for a business department. Typically it's a request intake process with layers of approvals/handoffs like employee onboarding.

Step 2:

Walk us through what the current process looks like today. 

Step 3:

We’ll deliver a prototype of  an optimized and automated version of your process.

Go from this

To this

Why Do You Need This?

Unprecedented growth in companies  leads to operational inefficiencies. This results in ad hoc solutions aimed at streamlining workflows that have stitched together emails, spreadsheets, and other apps. It also results in  outdated or limited documentation, unnecessary manual work, and too many errors.  


We’re entering a new market phase in which operational excellence is no longer an option. It’s now a must-have for companies who need to differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced efficiency and by delivering better user experiences. 


Your company has hundreds of inefficient workflows that drag down productivity and hamper agility.  Imagine if you improved one workflow at a time: how many hours and overhead expenses would you save that could be redirected to value-driving activities?

A week after our first meeting, Pipefy showed me a prototype of my process. I came in with problems, and they showed me the solution. Everything was very fast and efficient."
Vinicius Castro
Projects and Digital Operations Manager at Lacoste