Webinar: Hack Your Way To Operational Efficiency

Monthly Webinar Series

In today’s macroenvironment, the need to achieve operational efficiency has taken on a new urgency. But what about the inefficiencies hiding in your workflows?

In this webinar, our workflow management experts will show you 10 workflow hacks that can help you become the efficiency champion your business needs.

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May 17 | 10 AM PST | 2 PM BST

Presented by

Benjamin Babb


Meet your host

Benjamin has been helping teams build more efficient workflows for over 10 years, both as a business manager and in his current role as Director of Content Marketing at Pipefy.


In this webinar, Ben draws on his professional experience and industry knowledge to help teams achieve greater operational efficiency by optimizing their workflows.

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The webinar is now available to view on our YouTube channel.

The webinar is now available to view on our YouTube channel.

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