Pipefy for Slack

The perfect bridge between communication and process. Link-up Slack and Pipefy for steady workflow and project management.

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Stay Up to Date

When a card is created, moved from one phase to another, or officially done, automatically receive a notification in Slack.

Track SLAs and Get Up to Speed

Receive direct alerts to private or public Slack channels when a card is overdue, late, or expired.


Easily Enable Slack in Pipefy

✓ Go to Apps under Settings
✓ Enable Slack
✓ Access the Slack icon on your pipe menu
✓ Authorize the Slack integration
✓ Select which Slack team and channel to direct notifications, and choose which pipe activities you want to be notified about.

Make Communication as Fluid as Your Process

Give productivity a well needed boost with Pipefy for Slack.

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