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Customer Case Studies Template


Pipefy’s Free Customer Case Studies Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed to help you improve the way you manage the customer case studies you’re producing with your clients.

This process template will guide you through each phase of developing a good case study, starting from the right questions you should always ask all the way to copywriting the piece.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Customer Case Studies Template?

  • Improves the way you manage your customer case studies
  • Guides you through each stage of customer case study development
  • Provides a complete structure from contacting and interviewing the customer to copywriting the case
  • Helps keep track of many case studies simultaneously making it easier to track each of its status

Customer Case Studies Start Form

  • What’s the company name?
  • What’s the contact’s name?
  • What’s the contact’s email?
  • What’s the contact’s phone number?



These are all the customers you want to take part in a case study with. Now you should prioritize which will come first.


Time to contact the customer and ask him/her if he’d be willing to take part on the case study.


Showtime! Ask the right questions and collect as much info as you can to build a strong case study.

  • 1. Case notes (attachment)
  • 2. Audio file (attachment)
  • 3. Interview
    • Can you tell me a bit about your business/organization?
    • Why do you use our product/service?
    • Were you using other alternatives before using our solution?
    • What was most important to you when evaluating your options?
    • How did the implementation/adoption go?
    • What do you use/love the most about our solution?
    • How did our solution impact your business?


This is where the magic happens! Analyse and filter all the customer’s info and write the case!


Let´s spread the word about this great case! Send it for the customer to check out before publishing.


Congratulations! Your customer case study is finished and published.


Archived customer cases, left unfinished for some reason…

Everything you need to know about Customer Case Studies