Customer Support Form (Helpdesk) Free Template


Use the Customer Support Form (Helpdesk) to centralize all of your customer’s questions, suggestions and complaints in a single place. Gain efficiency guaranteeing all information you need is provided at once, so your team can focus on helping your customers.

Your customers’ success is your success

Improve your customers’ experience by making sure no information is missed. Customize form fields, select which information is mandatory and guarantee all the details you need to provide the best support.

Build a smart workflow to address all tickets. Use labels to easily identify priorities, get alerts from due dates and centralize exchanged emails.

Both your team and your customers will benefit from a standardized process, streamlining execution and centralizing communication.

Boost your Customer Support process


Add, edit or delete fields according to your needs.

Share it anywhere

Share the form through a link or embed it on your website.

Integrate your form

Don’t let information slip away by integrating Pipefy with other tools.

Adapt this template for your needs and hit the ground running

Fast and simple to deploy

Get started with your process in minutes with this easy-to-use template.


Customize your unique needs without help from the IT department.

Wide app integrations

Connect your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing tools with Pipefy to build a truly integrated operation.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

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