pipefy free funding pipeline template

Funding Pipeline Template


Pipefy’s Free Funding Pipeline Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed to help you create and manage your funding strategy.

Are you looking for investors to fund your idea, project or startup? This template will guide you through all the steps of this process, from researching and finding investors to contacting them and presenting your pitch.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Funding Pipeline Template?

  • Keeps track of all the investors you wish to contact
  • Allows you to visualize at what stage of the process each investor is at
  • Helps you organize your schedule for meeting with investors

Funding Pipeline Start Form

  • What’s the investor’s name?
  • What’s the investor’s email?
  • Who’s your connection?



These are all the investors you wish to contact. Do some research about them to prepare yourself for the pitch.


These are all the investors you tried to contact and schedule a meeting with. If he/she accepted, add the meeting info here.


Show time! These are all the investors you pitched! Keep track of all the mandatory tasks and input the outcome of the meeting.


Here’s where you keep track of all the activities related to the investor’s diligence.


Congratulations! These are all the investors that committed to invest!


Don’t give up! These are the investors that said no to the investment opportunity.