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O modelo gratuito de Roadmap de Produto do Pipefy irá te ensinar a priorizar as funcionalidades do seu produto com base em práticas recomendadas de gerenciamento de produto do mercado. Desde a definição do tipo de melhoria à medição avançada do impacto nos seus objetivos, tudo o que você precisa para planejar o futuro do seu produto está aqui.

*Este modelo de processo está em inglês.

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Estrutura do modelo

Veja como está estruturado este template, este é apenas uma exemplo, você pode customizá-lo.


How does this feature/improvement impact our users?

  • 1. Type of improvement?

    • User awareness (help more users find you)
    • User acquisition (makes more users sign-up)
    • User activation (helps achieve our activation milestone)
    • User core experience (makes our core experience better)
    • User adoption (target those who don’t use the platform / feature)
    • User frequency (get the user engage more with us)
    • User conversion (makes more users convert to paid customers)
    • User revenue (increase average spent per user)
    • User retention (helps reduce your churn rate)
    • User referral (help users share you product for more users)
  • 2. What's the audience? (Think on the percentage of people achieved by this improvement.)

    • Low - 0% to 30%
    • Medium - 30% to 70%
    • High - 70% to 100%
  • 3. What is its Success metric?

    • Always target a measurable KPI. Ex: ( number of referrals per user / emails sent per day / photos uploaded per user / visits per download )
  • 4. What is the goal?

    • Be quantitative! Ex: From 10% to 15%, from $ 12 to $14...
  • 5. If we build, how satisfied will the user be?

    • Won’t feel the difference
    • Neutral
    • Satisfied
    • Extremely satisfied/excited
  • 6. If we don’t build, how dissatisfied the user will be?

    • Won’t feel the difference
    • Can live without it
    • Dissatisfied
    • Extremely dissatisfied
  • 7. Type of feature?

    • Basic/threshold attributes
    • Performance/linear/one-dimensional attributes
    • Excite/delight attributes
    • Indifferent attributes
    • Reverse attributes
  • 8. Do we have benchmarks for this feature? (optional)

    • Tell us if there are benchmarks or examples to illustrate better the potential solution.
  • 9. How much effort will it take to ship it?

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Big


Directory of possible tests. To be done soon… or someday in the future!

  • 1. Want to ship? What is the priority?

    • Critical
    • Top priority
    • Neutral
    • Low priority
    • Unknown


Tests waiting to be done. Don’t forget to keep them prioritized!

  • 1. How to prioritize what comes first? (help text)

  • 2. How to share the feature/improvement with your development team? (help text)


Key test! It’s time to check if the improvement/feature achieved the user’s expectations and/or if it needs any improvement.

  • 1. Beta checklist (optional)

    • Update help documents)
    • Internal tests
    • Invite target users to try out
  • 2. What beta users are testing? (optional)

    • Define the group of customers that are currently testing the feature / improvement.
  • 3. Beta users feedbacks? (optional)

    • Share here the key points (doubts, suggestions, complaints, comments...)

Public Release

Show time! Let’s spread the word about what’s new!

  • 1. Communication guideline (optional)

    • What is the user problem?
    • What the feature / improvement does?
    • What are the benefits
    • How to use it?
    • Use cases containing the target persona, his common problem, how he solved with the features and benefits.
  • 2. Update/ post checklist (optional)

    • Update help documents
    • Update landing pages
    • Send e-mail to the user base
    • Send in-app message
    • Post on blog
    • Post on twitter
    • Post on facebook
    • Post on linkedin


Were we successful? It’s time to evaluate stuff!

  • 1. Did the feature / improvement achieve its goal?

  • 2. Lessons learned? (optional)




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