Process Management: The Path to Productivity

This is a guest post by Rafael Zacharias, Pipefy Partner and CEO at Móbili Partners

Productivity has been a constant theme for discussions in many companies since it’s key for ensuring a lean and efficient operation, especially in this time of crisis. But how can you manage a complex resource network and ensure your business’ productivity?

Companies are made of a network of resources that interact with each other and the company’s departments. These resources must be focused on achieving the business’ pre-established future strategy. Managing these resources, however, is not easy and has become a key competitive factor among companies since it ensures more efficiency, larger profit margins and scalability.

From this perspective it’s not rare to see companies turning to technology to search for solutions for organizing their processes and work towards productivity.

There’s a wide variety of methodologies and applications available in today’s market that turn the lack of a tech diagnostics into a decisive factor when choosing a tool that’s both effective and adequate to each company’s structure.

When we narrow down the scenario to small and medium companies in Brazil, it gets even worse. In most cases these companies don’t have an IT manager to help with choosing a management tool or mapped/formalized processes, which makes it a lot harder to implement technological solutions.

Overall it can be said that in the process of making their process management digital, companies need two types of systems to operate at a sufficient control and management level:

  • A horizontal software, focused on managing the commercial and financial operations (commonly an ERP);
  • A vertical software that gives support to the company’s organization and management according to the specifications of its industry.

The first type of software exists to sustain the company’s basic functions, while the second one is focused on managing the business’ core processes (and that’s where things usually go wrong).

Even though implementing and running an ERP is not an easy job, there are many available application options in the market that have accessible prices, are easy to operate and don’t require specialized IT structure for implementation.

These apps are especially interesting for small/medium companies willing to go digital.

How can you manage, integrate and control your company’s routines, methods and activities?

While researching the process management software market we came upon Pipefy, an app focused on managing tasks and processes. It’s brought BPMS and Kanban together to create a powerful solution for improving business’ efficiency and productivity.

With its friendly interface, Pipefy is very easy to use and allows users to create their own processes fast and easy. Besides that, it offers a library of commonly used processes (such as sales pipeline, content marketing, team task management, human resources, etc.) and allows you to integrate processes, making your company’s daily operation a lot more consistent.

With Pipefy none of your tasks will end up lost and forgotten at the back of someone’s mind, everything is managed and monitored.

On our opinion this tool opens the door for startups, small and mid-sized companies to organize and manage their processes a lot more professionally, ensuring their market competitiveness and significantly improving the organization’s daily operations by creating a work environment that’s more structured and productive.

It’s worth reminding that it takes a lot more than a good ERP or process management software to make a company automated and productive. These are all just tools. It’s paramount that the business’ leadership is capable of integrating and mobilizing the entire team to be committed and engaged towards a positive business change.

This leadership and integration culture must be constantly developed for that’s what will ensure a good implementation and adoption of the management and optimization tools that’ll bring the company to a  next competitive level.

In times of crisis, resources are scarce and productivity is mandatory. As the old latin saying goes “The devil resides in small things” and when it comes to business, the details reside in the processes, the day-to-day activities, etc. All in all, executing daily activities coherently and consistently is what a business’ productivity is all about.

About the Author: Rafael Zacharias is the CEO at Móbili Partners. He’s a creative and multidisciplinary strategist. He believes in the power of entrepreneurship for building a better society. With over 15 years of experience as a global professional he currently works in creating and implementing business innovation and transformation projects.

Translated from the original article in Portuguese: Gestão de Processos – Caminho para a produtividade

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