What I learned about email marketing from writing 90 of them in one week

Thais Macedo
Email marketing

Like many marketers, I’ve already played a variety of roles in this department: from reviewer to social media, product marketing analyst to ad copywriter. But, I must admit that emails will always have a special place in my heart.

Emails are much more personal than an ad, show results quickly, and they’re (almost) free. They’re also a great way to put in practice one of the skills I like the most: writing.

That’s why, during a restructuring of Pipefy’s marketing department, I asked to be part of their email strategy efforts. After securing the role I ended up with the challenge of planning, writing, and building 90 emails in a few days (spoiler: I didn’t make it).

Here’s what I learned in the process.

It takes longer to plan than to do

The actual writing is no big deal. It took me less than one week. What delayed my delivery was that I didn’t take into account the time I would spend planning emails.

By planning, I mean studying, benchmarking, and deciding what information, links, images, and CTAs would go in each of the messages. Well, live and learn; for the next sprint, I made an effort to have a more realistic chronogram.

Your first draft won’t make into anyone’s inbox—no matter how good you think it is

Writing is a process, and usually, the first thing you have won’t be the best you can do. That’s okay! A good tip is to avoid getting too attached to any piece of writing and not being afraid to cut parts off. 

This tip is especially valuable in email marketing writing. The less text you send, the more likely it is that the customers will read it. 

Creativity will never bloom from exhaustion

A tired writer produces boring text. We all know that writing is more about technique than inspiration, but if you’re looking at a blank page for 40 minutes, do yourself a favor and take a break.


Using the right tools saves a lot of trouble

I’m not talking about email tools (even though they’re crucial for this task). I’m talking about my favorite app: Pipefy.

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to finish writing the emails. I won’t dwell on the philosophical ideal that, without Pipefy, I obviously wouldn’t have to write 90 emails about Pipefy. I’m talking about using the tool to keep track of all the assets I needed to build them: the illustrations and videos from the design team, translations, use cases, and blog posts from the content team.

If you have an email marketing team you might consider a process management tool like Pipefy. With the platform, I could quickly request anything I needed from my colleagues, keep track of which step of the process every request was, and receive the asset immediately after they were ready. 

There’s no such thing as “the end”

Email work doesn’t end. Now that my messages are out in the world, I still will be working on them: keeping track of the stats, improving and updating the text, and building more cadences so our users are always in touch with us.

Do you want to see some of the emails I talked so much about? Easy: all you have to do is to sign up on Pipefy. I’ll be in your mailbox in a minute 🙂 

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Thais Macedo
With experience in journalism and Digital Marketing, Thaís loves writing, traveling and learning new things.

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