Doers Drive Change.
We empower them!

Everyone at Pipefy is part of a larger movement that empowers professionals from all over the world to drive
great changes within their organization.  

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Pipefy Universe

We are a global Tech SaaS company, that offers

a business process management tool that

empowers every "doer" to organize and

control their work in a single place, streamline

and automate any process, without a single

line of code. 


Pipefy was born after being accepted at “500 Startups”,

one of the most respected acceleration programs in the

Silicon Valley. Our first investors came right after;

Trinity Ventures, Open View, Founders Fund, Redpoint,

Valor Capital Group, Insight Partners e ONEVC.


Our acceleration continued when we opened

our first office in Curitiba, Brazil and of course,

signed up some of our first customers.


We officially became a global team when we opened

our first US office. International staffing and client

expansion continued to grow from there.


After ranking 4th among the Top 100 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies of 2018, we accepted our Series A Investment

lead by Openview. We also hired our 100th Honey Badger

(the nickname we give to our fearless employees)


Pipefy’s growth continues with a

Series B investment lead by Insight.


We’ve reached over 300 employees around the world and clients in 150 countries. But what’s Next? Are you ready to write your story with Pipefy?


A Team Built on
a Shared Culture

At Pipefy we strive to build and maintain a unique corporate culture that makes our employees excited to come to work each day. These core values help us develop ourselves, help us become more responsible corporate citizens and bring us closer to living our best life.

People First


People always come first, no matter what.

We are here to empower everyone that

works at Pipefy


We strive to live our best lives, aim high

and achieve the impossible

10x Execution

Focus on what drives real change,

prioritize what matters most to our

customers and make it happen


The ability to make decisions and execute a

plan that helps us learn fast and improve


Fully trust and rely on each other to

succeed as a team

Radical Candor

Creating a safe and honest environment

to engage honestly with our peers


Everyone is accountable for building our

product, culture and Pipefy’s legacy

Learning Diamond

Development and growth happens when

you’re out of your comfort zone

Data Driven

The best decisions come from quality

data and facts

Enjoy the ride

We aim to build a safe environment so

people can be happy and respected

during their Pipefy journey

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