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Customize your workflows, connect departments, integrate multiple tools and quickly deploy solutions with a no/low-code platform.

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Customize, integrate and centralize your operations in a single platform

Transform the way you get work done by building tailor-made digital service delivery experiences. Pipefy is a no/low-code platform that empowers your team to quickly deploy customized workflow solutions, integrates the entire operation and automates manual work.

One platform for all teams

Pipefy Finance

Achieve reliable financial operations with no-code automation and integrate with your financial apps to ensure accurate results.

Pipefy Human Resources

Ensure candidates, new hires and employees have a first-class digital experience anywhere, anytime.

Pipefy Customer Service

Automate repetitive steps to focus on what matters: providing the best experience for every customer.

Custom Workflows

Customize your processes without any technical skill and build no-code automation and integration to suit your needs.

Create top-notch digital experiences for your stakeholders

Build service portals to make forms, documents and policies easily accessible. Customize your workflows to deliver high-quality services and ensure all parties are always in the loop. From customers to employees and vendors, provide the best service for all your stakeholders.


Leverage no-code automation and integrations to gain efficiency

No more paperwork and manual tasks: independently create automation rules for activities like sending emails and updating database records. Integrate Pipefy with tools like ERPs, payroll systems and accounting software to ensure data flows perfectly from one end to the other.


Empower your team with quick-to-deploy solutions

Leave long development and implementation cycles behind. Solve problems with agility and deploy effective and quick solutions to prepare your operations for the future of work. Use ready-to-go workflows or customize your own in our no/low-code platform.


Measure, optimize your operations and show fast ROI

Accelerate time to value with fast-to-deploy solutions and leverage customizable analytics to deeply understand your workflows’ performance. Then, find bottlenecks and get actionable insights to continuously optimize the operation and gain even more efficiency.


All of the capabilities you need to build digital, reliable workflows

Approval flows

Create approval flows customized to your business policies, easily add and notify approvers, gain full control over your operations and never deal with unapproved requests and payments again.

Learn more about Approval Flows

Build service catalogs

Create service portals that not only ensure customers, vendors and employees have easy to access to forms and policies, but also provide the responsible team all the information they need to process the requests every time.

Learn more about Portals

No-code automation

Automate manual and repetitive tasks like sending emails and updating database records without writing a single line of code. Choose the trigger, choose the action, and let Pipefy do the manual work so you can focus on strategy

Learn more about Automations


Connect your tech stack to Pipefy and build even more efficient workflows. From ERPs and accounting software to payroll systems and SMS, Pipefy helps you orchestrate the entire operation in a single screen.

Learn more about Integrations


Extract and combine data from your workflows, visualize it in different custom dashboards, find improvement opportunities and optimize your operations based on real data.

Learn more about Dashboards

Effective communication

Provide high-quality services by creating efficient communication flows with external and internal stakeholders. Send automatic emails, integrate with SMS, and make sure teammates, approvers and requesters are always in the loop.

Learn more about Email Templates

Define and Control SLAs

Create Service Level Agreements for each step of your workflows, get full visibility of your deliveries and be aware whenever an action is going beyond than expected.

Learn more about SLAs

Mobile App

Control, approve and visualize your processes from anywhere, and allow your stakeholders to create service requests and follow their tickets with Pipefy’s mobile app.

Learn more about Mobile App

Conditional Logic

Build smart workflows and forms for a fluid experience. Hide and reveal information based on patterns of your processes and make it easy for any stakeholder.

Learn more about Conditional Logic

Use pre-built solutions or build your own workflows.

See how to customize your workflows

Purchase Process

Standardize requests, prioritize approvals and communicate faster than ever.

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Employee Onboarding

Standardize you onboarding process to offer the best employee experience.

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Keep track of your candidates and make sure no talent goes unnoticed.

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Trusted by managers all over the world

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Pipefy has the best solution on the market if you want something you can customize to your needs to take control of your procurement process.”

Mauricio Rizzi

Customer Service and Procurement Manager em Samsonite

Pipefy is an extremely powerful tool to run the operations of the whole company, as it unites all the sector’s workflow and experience. The thing I like the most about Pipefy is the assurance that all of my processes are running outside my sector without any information getting lost in the way.

Bruno Jacobucci

em Loft

Pipefy is easy to use and flexible. It includes a database, reporting, and automation. A complete solution. Quality is assured.

Luis Fernando Salazar Canas

Regional Manager em Infina Financial Services


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